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Monday, June 18, 2012

'Mexicans and High Point, North Carolina - Disputes" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Are you pining for a beer but have adopted a clean and sober lifestyle?

How about some fresh Mexican pineapple cider?

Superior Foods, 220 Centennial Road, High Point, NC 27261 (336)887-2012 sells a unique drink - which is bottled in Texas and distributed to High Point, North Carolina also. The 100% natural pineapple cider is sold in brown bottles with yellow and white labels. "Frumex Tepache Original Sidral De Pina" is non-alcoholic and is 12% juice at 120 calories per 12 fluid ounces. It is heavily laden with Vitamin C (30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance) and has 30 grams of carbohydrates per bottle. This non-alcoholic 'beer' has the slight taste of beer "without the foam". It contains fermented pineapple extract and a slight bit of natural pineapple sediment at the bottom of the bottle in addition to brown sugar, barley, and other ingredients and can be purchased with SNAP benefits also known as food stamp benefits for only $1.09 per bottle.

One of my prior jobs was to be a 'sample clerk' at grocery stores and other stores, so I am imagining a beautiful Mexican model standing in front of the store to give out Dixie cup sample cups of this wonderful pineapple cider to shoppers and others roaming around outside on Centennial to make them aware of the product and the fact that Superior Foods now has a US government food stamps machine which they did not have before.

Superior Foods has had a hard time because they are not as stocked with food as they normally would be and for some reason, had a hard time getting a 'food stamps machine' in thanks to hassles with, and being ignored by the local government.

Some of the problems arose in the Hispanic community in general when “La Policia” started sexually harassing Mexican women in particular to allow them to immigrate into the United States.  There were several articles written about this in a free Mexican newspaper available on a newsstand at Superior Foods and at other locations, but there has been little coverage about this.  This is because readers have to be able to read Spanish and be paying attention to abuse related articles.

Mexican informants who were angry about the matter which could be dubbed “Mexi-gate” said that the United States government cared not about them at all, but about sexually harassing Mexican women and also about marijuana they wanted being brought from Mexico to the United States.  Mexicans then could not receive welfare benefits including welfare food stamps benefits or welfare health care benefits or the jobs they were promised by someone from “La Policia”.  Then, someone wanted to blame the Mexicans for being crooked and causing the trouble. 

Another Mexican store,”Pequeno Mexico/ Supermercado/ Carnerceria/ Meat Market/ Taqueria/ Taco Corner located just down the street from Guilford Technical Community College is located at 804 S Main, High Point, NC 27260, (336) 887-0913 is a beautiful Mexican store with a restaurant in the back, a full service meat counter, and booths set up outside to enable an outdoor cafĂ© without the waitresses.  They also have Mexican Television to be observed by people who purchase and eat lunch or dinner there, which could be a romantic date during the afternoon or evening for people who have food stamps benefit cards but are not able to go to other restaurants to ‘eat out’.  This store also has friendly staff and both stores are interested in having better relationships with High Point, NC government officials and others.  This store also has a variety of fresh, dried, and canned Mexican foods including an unusual relish – Pickled Sliced carrots with peppers under the label of “Zanohoria En Escabeche”, which is spicy hot, as are some of the unresolved and ignored Mexican issues like Mexican deaths.  The point is that if USA government officials wanted the marijuana cartel here and marijuana from Mexico, why were there Mexican deaths ever associated with the cartel?  This is more ‘dirty business’ and negotiations and further talks are in order, maybe even at the location described above. 

Found on a piece of folded up paper at High Point Public Library downstairs on the ground in the reading and snack area a verse was written and left behind for someone else to find.  The verse follows:

My Pig

by Rosa 

I have a pig.

She eats slop.

She drinks water

But loves soda pop.

If “La Policia” are known as ‘pigs’ by certain people because of their behavior and Mexicans had problems with men from “La Policia” in regard to immigrations and other issues, it appears that someone is not thrilled with females from the police either, or at least one person who has not been named. 

In another case here in High Point, NC. there is an abandoned Hispanic store on English Road, right next to the “Loco Burro”.  The store looks like it was either robbed, or the owners had to leave in a hurry, with newspaper racks outside, but the store’s contents askew. 

In another case, in a Mexican store in High Point, on English Road called “Terry’s Discount Grocery store” #2, in the 700 block of English Road, we accidently walked into “The Mexican Standoff” where several large black men, who looked like security guards or police without the uniforms were waiting for me and my friend to check out.  The clerk that evening, a Mexican man in his 40’s with shaven eyebrows which were drawn with black pencil instead of hair being there waited on us, and as we left I said to the man “ You are lucky to have such great Security Guards around”.  The Mexican clerk said “But I didn’t contact Security Guards”.  Informants claim that that incident had to do with a tip about illegal guns including an M-16 machine gun coming into the area with the Mexican man as a ‘friend of guns” and a possible interface with the problem. 

More will be revealed.  

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