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Friday, June 29, 2012

'Anti Domestic Violence Action Against Women' aka "What is VACA?"

  • VAWA 10 Days of Action
  • Press
  • Take Action
  • Mobilize with the VAWA Tool Kit
  • FACT SHEET: NTF opposition to HR 4970
  • HR 4970 Endangers Immigrant Victims
  • Letters in OPPOSITION to H.R. 4970
  • VAWA Fact Sheets
  • Tribal Provision: Myths v. Facts
  • LGBTQ Provisions of S. 1925: Myths vs. Facts
  • Immigration Provisions of S. 1925: Myths v. Facts
  • VAWA Supporters
  • Letters, Articles, and Research
  • Blogs
  • Personal Stories
  • Videos
  • Posters
  • s.1925 is the real VAWA
  • Senate Bill
  • Grassley Hutchison Substitute is Harmful to Victims
  • VAWA Senate Supporters
  • National, State, and Local Resources
  • Title Chief Contacts
  • About NTF

  • About

    VAWA 10 Days of Action

    Stand up! Speak out!

    Join us in Washington DC as we Rally to SAVE THE REAL VAWA.
    When: June 26th from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
    Where: U.S. Capitol at 1st Street and Constitution Avenue.
    Register: Click here and let us know your coming to the DC Rally.
    Actions to SAVE VAWA will be taking place across the United States! If you can't make it to Washington DC, join others across the country or start your own rally, vigil, or walk in your area. Click here to let us know when and where your local actions will be held, and we'll post it on so others can join you!
    Click here to view a map of events across the country!

    Print out the posters and flyers below. Share them and bring them with you!






    For those of you rallying across the country, use this Rally VAWA flyer template to enter your own details on when and where your rally will take place.


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