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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"The West End Ministries Spring Fling May 4, 2012 Resource Expo" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The Theme:  "Be inspired to be your best!"
"Sybil" was identified as the woman at the event who gave
a motivational speech and was singing to a woman in the audience
to get her to sing also and gain confidence, by the director of Leslie House
"Pam", after the event.  "Pam" said that Sybil's song that
she was known for

is "Don't Make Me Over".

Sponsors for the event were:
The YWCA Career Closet
The West End Thrift Store
Walmart of North Main Street
Target on Mall Loop Road
Serenity Spa and Salon
Merle Normal Cosmetics
Edyth & Cindy Catering
Christie's Hallmark
and Belk's Department Store

We were blessed yesterday to be able to attend an event at the Community Center across the street from Leslie's House, which featured workshops for women, a 'powertalk' by Sybil, a singer in the above featured blurb, and an act of young women in stylish clothes who danced across the stage and across the room to the song 'Survivor' as the style show for the women in attendance at the event yesterday here in High Point. The h'orderve's table was excellent as was the boutique where women could pick nice clothing clothing. We as participants in this event also were able to get our hair curled, our nails polished, and feel like 'winners' after the event. This is thanks to the hospitality and generosity of High Point, Leslie's House, The Community Center, and the local YWCA. Thanks very much! :)

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