Born To Be Miserable

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open Letter to The United States Department of Justice - USA Government


There are a few problems out here in General George Busch's old area. One of his relatives was clergy at St. Mary's Episcopal Church here in High Point. The man retired. Busch had a large political family here. He ran as president of the United States. The problems have to do with negative development that spun around to Columbus, Ohio.

1. Skager (the Skags) Law firm on Hamilton Road may correlate with the rejects from The Limited Companies or a witch cult and drugs and with a drug cult on Hamilton Road in Columbus, Ohio on the east side.

2. Kimberly Powell's resume was stored on a computer here at West End Development across from Leslie's House. There is no Kimberly Powell to be seen. There are unknown war toys in the sky with circular lightning and etc.

3. There is a store right down the street called "Culler's Food Center": it is at the crossroads of English and Kennedy Streets. The sign in front of Cullers says "Oriental Food". A Hispanic man works there. Crooks look like they used this to get Great Britain into an intelligence game, took down and ripped of Kennedy law firms, and got the bank of China started - part of which was at The Motel One - 3190 E. Main Street, Columbus, Ohio, to racketeer people and keep the crack cocaine cult going there.

4. There is a canine couple, walking around together. One dog is part pit bull and is mostly black with a white chest. He has a lead attached to him. The white dog is larger and looks like a white German shepherd. They are friendly. They look like they were abandoned by their owner. No one in the area wants to take the dogs in. I bought and split a can of sardines between the two dogs at one point, and then at one point, they separated. The black dog followed us around and John fed him Ravioli in a can and macaroni and cheese in a can.

5. None of this helps me at all. I got thrown out of my house and was not able to get hired in any job but traced this intelligence problem back. Now, I am stuck in the shelter system, with no car, no money, and no job thanks to…..? Some of the people in the shelter want to get nasty with me for no apparent reason. I can’t get a job with the US government or any other job for ‘some reason. Crooks also wanted me to be a missing person as listed in my high school reunion booklet. I graduated from Medina High School in Medina, Ohio. All of this is definitely another “Born To Be Miserable” event series.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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