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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Furniture Capital of The World : High Point, NC by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A very large dresser is a unique building, now for sale by the way,
is located at the corner of N. Hamilton Street and E. Westwood Avenue,here in High Point, NC.  The High Point Merchant;'s Association, is also currently for rent or sale.  The building is commercial property, and located just down the street from the man library.  Call 336-887-3600 or contact Speckman Commercial Property group if interested.

The Furniture Capital of the World is right here in High Point, NC.  Exquisite furniture pieces and all kinds of fine furniture labels are the main attraction of the area, and a great reason to come to High Point, in and of itself.  They are always interested in attracting people who are interested in the actual
making of furniture as fine craftsmen to the area also.

The Furniture industry, a non-polluting industry, attracts fastidious people, who are interested in creative 'fine works of art' with their names on the works of art - aka uniquely designed furniture. 
The state of North Carolina

One of the Area's attractions is "Market Week", which just passed.  During Market week , which is traditional here in High Point, NC, people flock in to buy and move furniture - a Buyer's Market is this. 
High Point is growing, is an a warm environment, and is actively seeking a 'certain type' of person/family to populate the area.

The Amish from Ohio, in Wayne County in part, were angry and disillusioned about the state of Ohio supporting organized crime at their expense.  There are already Some Amish who migrated to North Carolina - possibly more are forthcoming.  Time will tell.
The City of High Point

In addition to the Furniture industry, a joint assistance is how to use the furniture creatively and how to create beautiful rooms.  The Furniture Library, located  at 1009 North Main Street, High Point, North Carolina  27262 has all kinds of books that detail rooms of the world.  Right now the books there are on sale.

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