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Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Choices - Choices - Will Nigger/Alley/Sex With Slaves/ and The Big Easy ever be a theatrical presentation done on stage?" by Kimbelyl Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The thistle and shamrock - On Stage and Screen - coertesy of

  The Thistle and Shamrock is one of NPR's best shows - from Ireland- all about Ireland with Irish singers and dancers. The picture shows beautiful talented white female dancers. They are not "go-go Lizzie" which someone in Ohio picked, but could be part of a stage show like Nigger Alley/Sex with Slaves/ The big Easy if approached, we bet. ;) The other thing about this is President Barack O’Bama chose an Irish name for some reason, and is black. The black females are the Nicki Menaje show who are similar and are doing Social Policy on stage. This ‘choice’ would add balance for United States Development. I am also an Episcopalian, and there was a preexistent war between Irish Catholics and Episcopalians built in and intrinsic to the United States System. :)

Nicki Minaj et al do social policy.  The video "Stupid Haw" or Stupid Hoe" is x-rated but if you can get over being 'shocked' there is relavant social policy in the diversionary way to comment on young women getting involved in the world of prostitution. 

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