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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cross and "Doublecross" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Cross and Double cross: The Anti values program that is ruining peoples lives in Ohio.

Cross = clergy and people who are clergy types
Double cross = trickery, deception, theft and abuse

The program that ruined this and other states had to do with old strip club development - and is linked in with Las Vegas.  They section off bits of the Internet, and force intelligence people to work the thing, whether they want to or not as is a Sociopathic society where the people do not get paid and are part of a dictatorship.  Intelligence people who are trapped never receive anything for their efforts, and the crooks at this point have violated FCC because crooks own some of the Internet businesses.  This amounts to a hostile takeover of the Federal government. 

The churches are supposed to receive monies and help the poor, but some of the pastors and clergy involved are embezzling monies and are in a "look a like string".  In addition to this, they included mentally ill people who were put into positions of authority and are 'dying to be thin'. In my case, I have been  a member of the Episcopal Church all of my life, and the only contacts I have through the church are funded through (?) are are extremely covert. 

I did not know anything about this development plan, but many others do and this is why church attendance has fallen off and people chose pagan and atheistic cults - which are operating within God's will for them.  In addition to this, they allowed disability lawyers to win and ruin people's lives who were part of intelligence, and this program originated in the 60's.  My parents were originally part of it.  It offers no education but it on the police/intelligence Internet.  Crime also eventually replaces police intelligence with crooks they pick as a part of the crime ring and the police who are thrown into hardship lives become older, are not able to run for political office or do the things they want to in affected states, and keep trying to escape.  This is the method and the reasoning used by fascists.  This is apparent in the United States in downtrodden and abused states with crooked government areas. 

At the Ohio State University Dr. E. Gordon Gee is a different character, but the problem is that people writing to him are supposed to be disabled as this appears as part of the conversation box when he is contacted.  There is no way to get a job with the University other than through crime getting people into University jobs, and then people are in the palms of the crooks here.  Ohio State University is one of the big ten Universities in the United States.  Some of the people who are involved in this program get ignorant and abusive because they are the thieves who replaced intelligence people and are part of hee-haw.

This intelligence program started with my family of origin when my Grandfather dies.  My relatives were drunks and picked my sister who was similar to them.  His brother then showed up in Columbus, Ohio and looks similar to him but is known as "Grand pap" in the crime ring and his job was to fight with a black retired trash collector over a whore they both liked and picked.

This is a pretty seed program but it expanded on the Internet and the people got meaner and meaner and the crime increased when this was going on, in addition to deaths being created.

The Asian community and others from other cultural backgrounds were ignored instead of housing and employment being brought in via them because the people working the program were ego-centered thieves but the alternative is to be ripped off and esstranded in an unwanted position or to be bullied by a gang of people.  In Ohio, the 'supposedly better' people are part of fascism and want to control and abuse other people as part of a cluster of mental health characteristics.  Others call them "Whigs" here.  

Organized crime in the backdrop for this and the forefront scripts are written to create codependency or abuse .  In my parents cases, they were supposed to go out to clubs and my mother was supposed to be chased around by a truck driver, and flirt with clergy and others instead of having varied interests.  In my case crooks had to forcibly disengage me from life including the people and things I chose to force me to do the work in this so-called 'government emergency.  I never got paid a dime for this.  Maybe this is a pattern that needs to be looked at in other organized crime setting because counter development  needs to be forced.  The victims are really not helped but are racketeered and are supposed to have 'spritual or resentment problems' instead of the crooks causing this.  This program is based ion 'having fun and ruining other people's lives and getting involved in mental illness patterns while the victims get involved in being codependent and impoverished, so that the crooks can project their issues on the victims. 

In my case, I had cars burned up, had my house burglarized and the state refused to pay damages or compensate me in any way.  I was also told that I was 'mentally ill' and was supposed to be employed for money for the rest of my life when the crime prevented this because a crook from their group insisted on using my college transcripts to be employed, so if I was to be employed, it was supposed to be with a low level job with people I did not get along with,.  My ex-husband who was in a dirty handshake deal with crime was in a position of being factory or industrial supervision.  I think blacks and others got into the system and needed to be degreed to be hired.  I think blacks in this rendition which I am currently living through are forcing whites to choose them whether the person is a liked friend or not as part of the coven, the "Cotillion", or "Black Swan" as it is also called.  Asians are involved in medical racketeering in many area including here in Columbus, through University hospitals at OSU but this is a continued pattern also.  My dad had heart issues and one of our neighbors who lived across the street was an Asian man who was a practicing cardiologist (transplants industry being [represented as part of the crime ring) and his wife was a retired nurse.  This crime based program was pulled out of the 60's and the heart situation occurred in the 70's with my dad and his Asian friend physician. This is a program that crime already got ahold of and are replicating over and over to be irritating.  there is not real intrinsic value but the perpetrators feel happy to be able to be tied into mental illness addition patterns without being stopped and have victims to project this type of illness on out of spite. 

Lastly, in the current version of cross and double cross, marijuana legalization, decriminalization is something to bring in because that part was eliminated before.  Crooks refused to deal with people from other countries who got involved with this crime based anchor program but kept offending them.  The police internet being shut down shuts down intelligence, but this is what the crooks did - threw everyone out except for them and then kept increasing the crime.  I think some of the crooks are part so the courts also.  For instance, "Betsy Bloomingdale" looks like the sister of television's "Judge Judy".  To fix this problem, someone was focusing on sisters, but death by fire, arson, and other crimes are integrated into this script which others know about and keep going. 
What is a doublecross?

Double cross


An act of treachery, perpetrated on a previous partner in a deceit.


Double-crossThe term 'double-cross' has been used in various contexts for many centuries, usually as a straightforward reference to the shape of two crosses, as in the architectural design of cathedrals for example. That meaning is unrelated to the current figurative 'cheating' usage of 'double cross', which dates only from the late 18th century.
To find the origin of the expression 'double cross' as it is now used, we need to look first at one of the many meanings of the noun 'cross'. From the mid 1700s, a 'cross' was a transaction that wasn't 'square', i.e. not honest and fair. The term was most often used in a sporting context, where a cross was a match that was lost as a result of a corrupt collusory arrangement between the principals involved. You might expect that a 'double cross' was a deceit in which two parties collude in a swindle and one of them later goes back on the arrangement, crossing both the original punters and his erstwhile partner in crime. Although that is the case, the term 'double' doesn't here mean simply 'two times'. 'To double' had long been used to mean 'to make evasive turns or shifts; to act deceitfully'. This derives from the imagery of someone doubling back over a previous route. This 'doubling' gave rise to the term 'double dealing', which has been used since the early 1500s to refer to someone duplicitously saying one thing and doing another, for example, a 'double agent'.

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