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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Thanks, The "Live With Kelly" Show for your Assistance" - open letter by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The "Old Show" used to be the Kathy Lee and Regis Show"
Thanks for putting Nicki M. on Today's show.  Here in Ohio, we are trying to work out a continued police problem which is Old southern crime related back to the old tobacco and textile industries.  The name of the game is "Nigger Alley"/ "Sex With Slaves"/ and "The Big Easy" (the last part being the theft ring part.) We are trying to get the thing to be a stage presentation and Nicki M. was picked by me as a great actress/singer.  I am really nobody but I was married to "Bauer" - aka Eddie Bauer 'et al' for a long time.  They were also affected.  I am now just an ex-wife.  My mother is Mrs. R. J. Reynolds, she is in her 70's and lives in Akron, Ohio.  I recently sent her a postcard to come to "King Lear", a stage presentation at The Ohio State University, which is upcoming in March.  (Tickets are available for sale now).  My mother, my ex-spouse, Mr. Drilling, ( my current fiance) and my son Justin Bauer and myself are white.  I am not really racist but I think in this role I am in am supposed to be racist at times, because beyond what I put on my blog spot, I was raped by a group of black men in Wooster, Ohio and 'booed off the stage (illegally evicted from my house and burglarized), but I did not want to talk about that part very much.  Nicki M. on your show today helped a great deal, because she and her 'girls' could be a choice for the Nigger Alley Stage presentation and it helped for others to be exposed to her and see who she was. She already does 'social policy" onstage in song and is a talented performer from Las Vegas.  Someone picked a white woman who was anorexic and was a stripper/prostitute but she is not as developed as "Nicki" but could be with her relatives to be 'the other half.  I think this woman was featured on television in Cleveland, Ohio as a woman with string blonde hair, blue eyes, and etc around this time period when they launched another prostitution bust in the Cleveland Ohio area.  I was searching for her picture online but could not find it.  this is sort of a common offense for women.  The problem is that gross sexual imposition is not a crime, if the women are already involved in prostitution.  What a gala for men seeking women to assault! This Lizzy Bordon cult fared better than me - one of the "loveless" who gets assaulted in one way or another on a regular basis.  I 'think" this is the point.    I  loved my clothing and belongings.  I loved my life.  I did not want to "date".  But sex crime found me anyhow and annihilated me.  The point is at times - why try?  This woman was not particularly well put together - not particularly attractive - did not have a great or even good body, and was obviously mentally ill - but crooks were part of her life - so she was left alone and was not abused by unwanted men.  A female issue is this and one that all cities undergoing change and including prostitution/strip clubs have to encounter.  In certain areas, higher achieving more attractive women are sort of like a success story to topple - to ruin the life of - to get scumbags in - so that the rest of us can sigh, mourn, and grieve for the rest of our lives.  I have thought many times that it would be nice to be involved with my peers - attractive people who are law enforcement oriented instead of being strangled and robbed by low functioning morons.  How much better my life could be.  This is the impetus at all times in thinking of an upcoming project which is a police hub project. 

The burglary/theft issues and etc. made me look at other women and wonder why they were not chronic victims of crime.  The point seemed to be having supportive others around them when things like this occurred.  These women were not anything but protected and this is why the organized crime rate and crime in general rose in certain areas.  Crime always ruined my life.  ALWAYS.  I was always a pacifist when it came to being armed and dangerous.  i am now wondering why.  Better some goon dead than victims being chronically offended.  I was a mom, a wife, and had no interest in people becoming battery oriented or violent with me - but was not prepared.  This is the 'movement' that was created in other areas by people who were offended by the crime.  Did I want to be inferior and become them? No. not ever.  Sometimes being attractive and known to other people means things like this also - stalking and abuse and lack of police protection in affected areas.  People were killed over a pair of tennis shoes in the past yet alone the seizure of a lifetime of cherished items wanted by paroles or people who 'jusst got out of jail' in areas known to collect and congregate such individuals due to lack of  a law and order environment being established or superseded by a crime organization of one kind or another. I suspect other female victims of violent or abusive crimes that crash them to the rocks without them being able to become themselves ever again have the same thoughts.  This happened in Ohio because of crime activity and because i was alone and identified as someone fomr the 'get-a-cop ' program to thugs - whether I was paid in this position or not.

Things like this are a continued problem not only in Ohio but in The United States and abroad.  Someone wanted to sell out the textiles and tobacco industry around the world and  create World War III.  Some of these nuts including the pagan cult are on the police/intelligence Internet which is part of the media which you, I and others 'hear' in an auditory way.  Shutting down the police/intelligence Internet did not seem to help and made things worse.  This created Federal US shutdowns, also.  This is still a problem.  Thanks for you assistance in this matter.  I am a Social Worker and writer, with no salary or benefits, in case you wondered.  If you would like to, you can take a look at 'the rest of the story' and other sites I have.  My main blog spot site is called "Born To Be Miserable" located at  Additional Links:   Monster:  Profile appears under the name of Kimberly A. Koerber

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                                                        Warmest Regards,
                                             Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

P.S. - A great (live) contact that ties into this area is Father John M. Bauer, St. Mary's Basilica, Minneapolis, MN.  Father Bauer is a real Catholic priest and they have a large conversation box for comments.  The holy Catholic Church was and is still used for deprogramming of Atheistic and Paganistic cults. ( lol) Their web address is

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