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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lawyers guns and Money - in Marion Ohio by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Guns and Roses – aka Lawyers Guns and Money – Gun Laws and regulation

Why is the Right to Bear Arms so important?

Someone was creating the need by assaulting people and making court systems abusive or ineffectual in Ohio to continue the Mob Launch series that some jackass created.  This is what could be called “Created Development”.

In Marion, Ohio, I noticed two relevant things:

1.  Ohio state university’s Marion branch did not offer the mandatory ‘ethics’ classes that state law now requires in the Legal and social work profession.  So – people cannot take classes or continuing education that is not available – thus, “Ethics” in general is not that important to the people in Marion, Ohio to complain about, but “The Right To Bear Arms” and have guns is.

2. Also, Whirlpool dryer was supposed to fund a large ‘string’ of people there, who ‘used to’ work at Whirlpool, but are now on layoff.  In my case, I did not get my paycheck deposited directly as per the agreement, and the group working the dispute, inconvenience, quarrel, row, run-in, squabble, struggle, trial, trouble, try, tumult, turmoil, tussle, uproar, upset, whirl, and wrangle hassled me as I moved from one work area to another.  The thing with them was to be VERY controlling and demand that people who were not from Marion area but worked at Whirlpool dryer hold a part on the assembly line a certain way to assemble it – using certain fingers or gestures, or stand a certain way.  I was not working fast enough for them and etc. because of the gangland cohesion there.  Two weeks’ paychecks were eliminated totally and never paid to me.  Because of assorted problems there I gave notice and quit.  My fiancé was not so bothered by them, but worked in another area.  The thing is that we were supposed to both be picked to be tow motor operators and he had prior experience with this – I did not – so they reassigned me to this rotating assembly job.  Whirlpool dryer in another international company. The Ohio Civil rights Commission was unresponsive to complaints filed about this, even in person after paperwork was filed, and so was EEOC in Cleveland, Ohio. 

3. We also noticed that Huntington Bank Marion became the “official Bank” of The Ohio State University. 

Father John Hollinger of the local Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s, St. Paul's Episcopal Church 197 East Center Street Marion, OH 43302 was a very friendly clergyman and seemed to be interested in the community and social policy, also. 

This copy (above) was submitted to the Ohio State University, President Gee’s office,  Columbus, Ohio for their information and ATF of the Justice Department. 

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