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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Job Developers, Adults Workers, and Gifted Students have in Common ("Two out of three isn't bad") by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber 
There is an interesting story in The Holiday 2011 issue of "Instructor" called "Challenge Your Top Students".
In a nutshell, The 10 ways to meet the needs of advanced but bored learners are:
1. ALLOW Choice 
2. Integrate Technology
3.  Let Kids Work Together  4. Accomadate Pace 
5. Determine Prior Knowledge 
6. Encourage Goal Setting 
7. Teach Creativity 
8. OK "Independent Learning Projects" 
9. Follow Their Interests 
10. Encourage Self Assessment. 
Yesterday's Office - vintage staples in close up
In addition to this being a great agenda for teachers to follow, what about adults?  Bored adults make poor employees.  In an article online available at, Susan, a writer with no last name states the following reasons for job changes and unemployment: 

  • Promotion - Advancement opportunities often lead to career changes.

  • Unhappiness - The career loses its appeal.

  • Obsolete skills - Job skills become obsolete or are no longer needed.

  • Midlife needs - With age often comes the need for new challenges.and is about things that adults need also.

  •   Attention JOB DEVELOPERS!!!


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