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Thursday, April 28, 2011

All about NPR - Raleigh, NC

The new short blurbs online from different NPR personalities at WUNC here in Raleigh, NC. all with very familiar voices - more than familiar faces:

Melissa Block - host of "All Things Considered : ..."What we do here sounds simple - we listen. ...We know that the power of the human voice and the story behind it - that is the stuff that holds us together."

Howard Berkes - NPR World Affairs Correspondent: ...."Good journalism.... It sheds light, not heat. It challenges our thinking instead of confirming what we already believe. This is good journalism, and this is NPR

Laura Sullivan - Crime and Justice Correspondent. "NPR is a community - it is a voice for people all over this country. When I walk into a prison, sit in a prison, ride in a police car, I believe I am there because NPR's l;isteners have asked me to be there - to examine and explore, and hold people to account, and it is really the only thing that matters. This is NPR.

Felix Contreres - reporter for NPR's Arts desk. "My speciality? Latino Arts and Culture. I work very hard to look for voices that are not always part of the public radio community and put them on the air. It's a lofty goal for sure and not always easy, but NPR is committed to journalism that reflects all of us....This is NPR."

Nina Totenberg: NPR Legal Affairs correspondent. "When I write about the law, I am not writing about abstract legal theories. I am writin about people - parents, kids, business owners, employees, victims of crime and the accused. In short, I am telling listeners stories about the country, as seen through the lens of the law. It's what you have come to expect, and I am proud that this is NPR.

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