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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What do I know about Raleigh, NC? by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Cornerstone" Path Programs - Raleigh, NC supposed to "serve mentally ill and substance abuse persons".  Actually, John and I went there and took showers separately.  I was the only woman there.  The men sat around in the main room and watched television.  They were friendly, and the towel was a small paper hand towel.  We then went up the hill and washed our clothes.

The Salvation Army Raleigh, NC
...Feeds many people daily.  The food is fresh and not bad, the portions are small, and the people thee who eat there and who work there are friendly and cooperative.  The people are not fighting or causing trouble with each other there at all.

Moore Square Station and Moore Triangle Park
...This is a hang out area where there are always all kinds of attractive blacks
walking around, sitting on benches, and patronizing local businesses and looking at each others.  Blacks outnumber whites about 9 to one.

Healing Place
...The Healing Place has a nice Shelter in Raleigh, but it is far away.  To get to stay there, you have to go to the the classes held at 1st Presbyterian Church, 120 W. Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC.  You have to go to both classes - one held at 9:00 am and the other and 12:00 noon and if you are even one minute late, they throw you out.  There seem to be females in the group who are getting an education by going around from building to building there, but this is a 'classified' project, because not everyone can be involved in this. To secure a bed at The Healing Place's shelter, you have to sign the sign in sheet twice, then wait in the parking lot of Moe's Diner, in the Moore Square Station/Moore Triangle Park area at 3:00 pm - to get into the overnight shelter for one night.  To get into the treatment program, one has to sign a contract for a year.  The healing place does .  not want clients to drive, work, have food stamps, or any source of income for one year.  They are supposed to abide by other rules also.

The Greyhound Bus Station, Raleigh, NC
This is where we came in.  For some reason John wanted to go there every morning, and the people who worked there finally got annoyed and said "go away!"

The Edenton Road United Methodist Church
This is a church where we got to sleep, fighting over a little blanket, on cardboard when we finally found some. They want people to rise when the sun does.

The Public Library System in Raleigh, NC -
seems pretty good.  They have a beautiful library that has a coffee shop in it off of Peace Street.

We got to experience Raleigh and other places like this thanks to crooks taking any money we had and making me into a homeless woman hahahahah. :(

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