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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A crook started 'hate crime rhetoric' late at night - to be sneaky.....the date: April 27, 2011

What would "Big Dog" say to "Little Dog"?

Where am I?  In Greensboro, NC. 

Why would crooks start a hate campaign against one person?

1.  The clique is money motivated

2.  The clique is no good and is like a "Children of the Corn" or Hate group cult

3.  The clique is not anything but looking for a victim based on someone having a mentally ill revenge fantasy and having 'followers' to continue the abuse.

4.  Goons from this cult come up with hate rhetoric to "Win".  This is the oddest thing I have ever experienced.

5.  Goons are disrespectful and smart alecky.  They may be funding organized crime. 

6.  The Goons who are initiating this are generally no good and have no business being alive.

7.  Another FBI complaint was filed recently.

Dear "Antidefamation League" at :
Here is the content of an email sent today:

Hate group rhetoric starting up.....


I am new to Greensboro, NC ansd am staying at Weaver House. I became the victim of hate crime in Ohio because of a narcotics cult. If you take a look at my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable", you can read more. The thing is, that this hate crime is occurring for a very real reason, Anti Defamation League - my ex-husband Jerry Bauer is probably trapped somewhere in his wheelchair, my son is currently in jail (also named Bauer), and there are perpetrators in our family. The point is that Eddie Bauer, a large emplyer who provided jobs in the past was 'stopped' and the crooks keep doing this to batter people in the way, like Bauer family membes, ex-spouses, and others, to rip off funds from the CIA development system. They insisted on using this money to build mansions that people could not afford, run drug cults, and put "certain" people into being victimized by hate crime in one way or another. This is one of the biggest causes of our current poor economy, and other issues.


Kimberly! :)

P.S. - I see that Greensboro, NC has been the centrix of other hate crime in the past.

"Complex topics - simply stated and illustrated"
1.  All arrows have been "veered off"
   from their original point.
2.  Two arrows "split"
3.  All arrows are different colors

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