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Monday, November 7, 2011

"Octupi and I" - The story of the Kraken

All about The Kraken: 

The Legendary Kraken

Kraken ( kra’ ken, IPA: /ˈkrɑːkɛn/) are legendary sea monsters of gargantuan size, said to have dwelled off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the beasts have made them common ocean-dwelling monsters in various fictional works.

The legend may actually have originated from sightings of real giant squid that are estimated to grow to 13 metres (46 feet) in length, including the tentacles. These creatures normally live at great depths, but have been sighted at the surface and reportedly have "attacked" ships. they are 330-490 feet wide. there tenticles can grow up to 900 feet long. and canweigh up to 400 tons

These huge, many armed creatures would attack a ship by wrapping their arms around the hull and capsizing it, resulting in the crew drowning or being eaten by the monster. and sometimes can thrust its tenticles down with so much velocity it can snap a large ship in 2 parts.

Putting 'the squeeze" on a peson would result in information gathering with the person being 'launched' like a ripe banana
from its peel.

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