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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Another Arfin' Good Tail" by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber.

A sleepin' Bloodhound

Dogs became my best friends group for a totally different reason. I was 11 years old and was crossing the street after getting off of a city bus in the borough of Brentwood in Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittburgh when I was hit by a white car. I don't recall anything after the impact. But i did wake up from the accident.

When I woke up, I put my hand to my head and it shimmered with ed blood. The coat I was wearing which was a fake fur white coat was covered with red blood which scared me. But the reason I woke up form this accident to begin with was because of a dog.

The dog was standing over my face barking and drooling. The dog was dripping saliva on my face as it barked. The dog was a Sheltie - a small "Lassie" type of dog that belonged to a local school teacher who lived in nearby apartments.

After that, I was afraid of dogs because of the link my brain established. but after that, I started to become friends with dogs and other animals.

Animals are very, very intelligent. Maybe I owe my life to a dog being there. Maybe not. Regardless, I put out bird feeders around my property when I had a house, and fed the birds daily with various birdseed types and had a 'squirrel' bird bath in our spiritual garden.

"Bless the creatures of the earth, large and small and in them give thanks and praise"!

When Crook find out about things like this, they try to replicate this or tie it into current crimes.  For instance, Rebecca's Place, 829-938 Rhoads Avenue, Columbus, ohio  43205 had a 'gift' given to them when i was staying there because i ws need based and had no home.  The gift was a large sheepskin rug which was soft, made of real lambskin, and was valued at $10,000.00, I heard.  I also told them there, that I
wanted to get my MPA (Masters in Public Administration : ), another expensive 'sheepskin.

Hardy har-har, crooks. Complaints were filed. :( I was a grouch who did not appreciate this'fine' joke.
NPR's Arfin' good story.....

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