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Monday, October 17, 2011

"Sex With Slaves = Black Power Crimes" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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Black power crimes have been reported in various states, Ohio included. The point is to find homeowners who live alone and get 'paid' by racketeering the property and the people who live there. This scam is being used by "Black Power" principles and others in Ohio and in other poverty pockets because the point is to acquire the home, rent the home, and other things in the home, to create an “estate”. Professional criminals are using “estate” funding to support themselves, or run a variety of organized crime rings, including a now-popular-again heroin ring, where the heroin is in a small clear plastic cup, (sealed) and is a two hit version-two long syringe hypodermic needles with long sharps come with the white powder/crystal and it is sold on the street for $200.00.The drug has been reported to be the causative factor in some nursing home deaths as it is injected. Crooks running this drug definitely want to be paid for this drug and there were reports and sightings of people with bruised up faces: attacked.

Part of problem may have to do with elder abuse anyhow, and part may be due to the drug, or people who got involved with trafficking or sale of this in-house-hospital drug which is now on the streets. Informants linked "Sex with Slaves", a game to this as a 'nursing home worker' is supposed to be a famous 'model' to have sex with the victim, and then inherit their wealth, if it is not eaten up by nursing home expenses first.
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This crime is in the category of internet fraud also as in certain areas, crooks are trying hard to shut down the police/intelligence internet (auditory), and get involved in extortion. In Columbus, Ohio, this "Social Security fraud" enabled many unlisted foreigners (who are not being monitored buy the Justice Department) and created many federal shutdowns. The number of Justice Department police in Columbus, Ohio and police paid by DEA are not plentiful, and were cut to prevent a major bust of this particular cartel which seems to hit elderly people. Along with this crime ring, crooks are hitting existing bank accounts and committing 'paper' crimes. This drug cartel seems to have different dynamics attached to it than the crack cocaine cartel and may have originated in or around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, or in New York State. My elderly grandmother became a victim, and lived in a Senior Citizen’s apartment building in Bridgeville, Pa. She was beaten black and blue and was talking about some kind of money missing from her apartment that was in a brown paper lunch bag. She moved to Ohio and became a continued victim here. The police in Bridgeville, Pa., said that since she was moving to Ohio with my then husband and myself, that they would not do an investigation. Heroin is a legal, but expensive hospital drug that was used in the military years ago.


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