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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Having trouble with brat teenagers out of control? Keep Reading.....

My relatives could be from The Taliban
Administration area.  Visit them at
The Episcopal church
in La Crosse, Wisconsin, just minutes away
from Onalaska.

Please don't abuse us!!!

From Stein Counseling services: 

Stein Counseling & Consulting Services
571 Braund Street
Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650
Just a note that we have changed the date of the Parenting Your Out Of Control Teenager Course to November 3, 2011. This is a six week course that meets every Thursday from 6PM to 8 PM and parents learn the following:

           1) Why Out of Control Teenagers Misbehave

           2) Anti- Button Pushing Strategies

           3) Why Current Rules and Consequences Fail

           4) Writing an Iron Clad Contract and Troubleshooting

           5) Stopping the Out of Control Teenagers 7 Aces (extreme disrespect, running away, poor school performance, drug and alcohol use, threats and acts of violence, threats of suicide, teen promiscuity)

          6) Restoring Lost Nurturance and Tenderness

Cost of the Course: $8.25 per hour (12 hour course = $99.00)
Please click her to register now. Online Payments Accepted or call 608-785-7000 x221.

Ted Stein
Born innocent!!

Two young African American boys are thinking about their culture and abuse of kids in the United States.

Latino girls say "Please don't abuse us!".
This is what out of control
teenagers looked like when younger.

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