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Monday, October 3, 2011

Open letter to Psychology Today in regard to their article in current issue called" Why Women are The Superior Gender"

"The Barbie Doll Syndrome" and real human women...
has Ohio women saying "I should be plastic in all ways instead of flesh and blood".

"Misogyny thanks to the theme you created aka "Female Superity" by state - look at Ohio" Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Your article was interesting to read in light of current happenings here in the state of Ohio - which is running a misogynistic gallery. They here put in the forefront prostitution, the most degrading thing that could happen to women - which emphasises the 'human animal' component of the "X Chomosome" series" aka carnal abusive types, theft driven, and not the normal types of people that the world became accumstomed to over time. Recently, because of being stuck with abject poverty thanks to this adverse positioning created in Ohio by 'caveman mentality types which overruled common sense', I had to stay in a transtional housing shelter for women in Columbus, Ohio, called Rebecca's Place - located at 829-839 Rhodes Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43205.

The "shelter" is a series of a length and two 'side pieces' or apartments, and each apartment houses four women. The apartments are small and have two women per bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom per unit. The nearest crossroads by the apartments which are transitional housing for women, housed in a totally black sector or series of neighborhoods are Rhoades ( an well known Ohio Millionaire - a man) and Gault - another well known Ohio millionaire - also a man on the street signs. Ohio has had a string of bad white male governors, and never a black or female or Governor of the state of any race but 'white men', by design. The issue has to do with racketeering women who stay there because of circumstances, which is illegal and the units being in a "Black Power" area with 99 percent of the staff being black, in addition to local people. The gig there is also to tell selected people that they are mentally ill (in particularly females who are part of the police or intelligence area) and are supposed to be removed from the intelligence or auditory network. They do not strike the crooks or dummies - but do seem to want to hit intelligent females in particular, including me. This situation is part of a known and under-reacted to Ohio crime ring which affects other states also. The interesting thing about this shelter is that they put above every bed there a three digit number and below that a letter with a number, on a piece of copy paper in an enlarged way which "could" correlate with a mauseleum drawer or a funeral plot, glued to wall above the woman's bed.

"Someone just hated females" - (sigh) could be the title of this article instead of what the title really is because in determining what is intrinsically female and acting on this (aka I have hair, legs, no mind, and am 'supposed to be stupid and subserviant' ) the state also attracted the "Taliban from India whose wives are supposed to be this, and other International operatives whose lifestyles revolve around female submission and at times male mismanagement. I am not particularly attractive and was never part of the sex industry, but think I 'should' have rights anyhow. 

I am interested in and tied into feminist issues, and this seems to be clearly misogynistic. "Your article is terrific, but ...see what occurs' in reality in the field?

Many regards,

Kimberly A. Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
Social Worker
Columbus, Ohio

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