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Saturday, October 1, 2011

"acism and Crime: This is How it Really Works" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Open Letter to Congressman Patrick J. Tiberi and Governor John Kasich - Ohio

October 1, 2011


I have a complaint about the Federally Guaranteed Housing program which seems to cause street crime and other trouble.

My son, Justin Jeremy Bauer is or was in jail in Gastonia, North Carolina. He was assigned no lawyer originally, and is from Ohio. He and I had a correspondence relationship back and forth and he said that they promised him that he would be moved to drug treatment in Durham, North Carolina, which I understand still had not happened.

I was recently told to leave Rebecca's Place, 829-839 Rhodes Avenue, Columbus, Ohio by 4:00 pm yesterday by a black staff member there namely T. Crawford who was assigned to be my case manager while I was there. After I had already packed to leave, and notified my fiance about this 'new development' other staff there said that i could stay until Monday, since the woman who wanted me to leave and issued a letter to this affect left. I submitted a written rebuttal or appeal in regard to this 'eviction' letter, and knew that I had followed all of the rules there, but also knew that Rebecca's Place has a thirty day stay program intact there for homeless women yet has women who have been there for months still living there. The place seems to have on staff there blacks who are rude and ignorant with whites in particular.

The housing program that I was interested in was called "Simply Amazing". In the "Simply Amazing" program, designed by a co joint affiliated agency, women are supposed to be able to have one female roommate in an apartment which has a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom and pay $400.00 a month apiece. The housing also has on the premises security cameras, a laundry room, and a resource center with computers in it for residents. "Simply Amazing" is also a program which provides warehouse employment for the women in the program, and then charges them to be picked up and taken to the job site, and back home again on a transportation van owned by the "Simply Amazing" people.This apartment setup is not bad but I had two problems with it which I 'kept to myself" which included:

1. Not being able to live with my male friend - my fiance

2. The woman from the program, namely "Mary Smith" not being able to be reached by phone, due to an overfull voice mail box, and then saying that she would come back later to take me to the employment site to fill out an application with them. I was given an exit letter on Friday evening, wrote the rebuttal/appeal and put it under the Rebecca's House administrator's door, as advised to do by other staff there at the time, and then was told the next morning by my case manager that I had no choice but to leave. The reason stated on the letter for me being forced to leave was this:

"You have no housing alternatives" - which was ridiculous, because I went with Ms. Smith to the apartment units and was waiting for Ms. Smith to come and take me to the employment site to fill out an application - which never occurred in my case, although some of the women were transported to work at 4:30 am. I was awake to see this. :(

Yesterday night my fiance and I had a room at the Capital Motel on E. Main Street , just down the street from the Motel One. His job here in Columbus, Ohio is to drive a cab - and so he went out to get a cab and paid for that day only. The Taliban Indian wife of the motel came into my room and took the motel key off of a coffee table in the room before check out time to hassle me first. Then, a black woman was standing around outside, looking for ways to hassle me. The thing is that people like this are supposed t looking for ways to set people up to now do a jail sentence - and although I committed no crime, I was supposed to be a prostitute. The point was to hassle people and I did not appreciate this.

According to the Federally Guaranteed Housing program's design, people in jail are the "guarantors" of monies needed to build these housing projects. I think crooks keep causing hassles for this reason. Also, I fell that since they wanted to 'roughhouse me and throw me out of a public shelter for no reason, and 'black power' principles are supposed to be helping blacks, but not whites to get housing after they cause the trouble to begin with, this is an Ohio problem that needs action and activity to be worked in regard to changes needed.

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