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Monday, October 3, 2011

"The Many faces of Kim Kardashian and the Manson Family from New York State" by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Keorber

The Manson Family, in part were living in wooster, Ohio which was one of the groups which wnated the Federal hub project in Wooster to work.  The old "Sharon Tate" murder sequence was part of the past, one of the family members said and they wanted to be able to turn over a new leaf.  But the hub project failed anyhow, and the fact the Kim Kardashian was picked was not a coincidence.  Kim was a New York State woman interfaced with some of the Manson family.  Because noone wanted a repeat performance of the Sharon Tate murder, the media made it knwn that Kim Kardashian was from a New York family of lawyers. 
The famous Manson Family from New York State was up in Wooster, Ohio.
They were removed from the system before, and got really mad.
They were involved in the Sharon Tate murder and other tales from the 60's

Another fine photo associated with The Manson Family

Another Manson Family Photograph - They are witches who are part of a coven these days.
Someone recently picked Kim Kardashian:

This is Kim....

This is Kim...
And this is Kim Kardashian.
Kim and her family have their own television show called "The Kardashians". 

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