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Monday, October 24, 2011

Open Letter to Journey Through Aging - 8:00-9:00 am every Saturday - WRDF 880AM

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Dear Mr Joe Wrobbel,

I enjoyed hearing your show on NPR aka WOSU Columbus, Ohio. I think that you are relevant, and are involved in some of the issues that I, a woman who is now in my 50's am now facing. I wish you would have been around years ago to deal with elder abuse as it applies to Wexner Heritage Village aka "the Limited Companies and the expansion of same in Ohio. As the old saying goes "They aren't just whistlin' Dixie anymore"...aka They are much more that a textile industries firm with models and were part of nursing home abuse - a concept which expanded and is now part of Ohio's organized crime and racketeering problem. My grandmother, then in her 70's was also beaten black and blue and I 'think" her issue had to do with a drug cartel which came into Ohio from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania - a senior citizens apartment complex there was affected at the time. :(   Also, I am a Social worker and appreciate listening to your viewpoints and show.​

I would like to hear a show on the following:

1. Employment related issues tend to be a problem especially for single women in this category. We in Ohio were bashed by organized crime for a long time - and employment in affected lives became difficult - if the individuals were not self-employed in one way or another.​

2.  The show could be made better by Including in-person and on-location interviews from people in the aging population group. ( I am one - at the age of 53 as are others.) 

and on WOSU in Columbus, Ohio

Time Marches on...

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