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Friday, October 28, 2011

Open Letter to the Department of Justice, Washington, DC in regard to "Sexual Harassment" in Ohio by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Ok. ok - I got to be 'bait on a hook" but I am still wriggling and alive! I am not Afraid of You!"

October 28, 2011


I am currently in Columbus, Ohio. I would prefer not to be here, but my fiance decided to come back here. the reason I would prefer not to be here is that crooks created a "development" Cult for developmentally disabled females who have a low IQ and then abused the rest of us. I was put in a position of being in a police role and never getting paid, because of entrapment for information to begin with, then being thrown out of my house. In Ohio, they wanted the women to have to contend with sexual harassment, so I got raped by blacks. This occurred in Wooster, Ohio after my ex-spouse went to Florida. I was embarrassed about this, and wanted to forget that it ever happened, due to living in that abusive community to begin with where other crooks were, and never intended to go back there. This was supposed to be a qualifier, according to crooks, in getting employed in this police mode in Ohio which is also apparent on the police/Internet auditory mode. Still, they did intend to me to be in a job category to get paid, yet put a retarded women on cocaine into a hooker political launch for the state of Ohio and made it impossible for me to get a job. Also,. because the perpetrators knew that i was sexually harassed and was raped , and complained about this before but did not file a formal complaint that was actually listened to in Ohio, I was supposed to be gay. I was never gay either. I am currently in a relationship that I have been in since 2007, and this is why I said - "Alright",
in a depressed way when the man wanted to come back to Ohio again to drive a cab as he had done before.

Also, perpetrators went to the College of Social Work and created "The Office of Female Empowerment" at Ohio state University College of Social Work, my Alma Mater. This "Office of Female Empowerment" cannot be used at all by anyone and is a racketeering entity.

I am really tired of being stuck in Ohio compiling and sending complaints because of what crooks created. This is a waste of my time and my life. I have been in an unpaid police internship for 17 years and am more qualified than most of the people to be gainfully employed for a salary, yet the State of Ohio has chose this guerrilla tactic and has chosen not to deal with International Operatives here in Columbus, Ohio and in other cities tearing up the state local and Federal Government and other areas. This is a joke to the perpetrators. This would be the reason they put retarded or young or questionable people into police position here in Ohio to begin with.

Sexual Harassment had to do with this and the"Masturbating In Mirrors" thing that imbeciles came up with to degrade me. The point here is that I am supposed to be a trapped hostage, with no knowledge, to be less than even the corrupt morons placed in viable paid position. This is sickening to keep listening to, especially when the people chosen were professional prostitutes to begin with.

I would like to get a police placement in another state. My son is currently in North Carolina in jail in Gaston. I would like to be in Raleigh. NC or some other city in a paid position, since this is not working out in Ohio. All the cult did was make me into a homeless woman who 'had to' depend on a man because they took me out of my career path.

A perpetrator online knew that I was robbed, and now claims that I have no degree because of it's interference in m y life. It has to be one of the paper thieves. People like this are of no use to me - I have no money , no car, and became a welfare client in Ohio thanks to corruption. Sexual harassment and some of these people are no good, and are involved in violating my boundaries. I think this is some crook's thing to trap people and masturbate to out of spite. In many cases, women do not report sex related crimes because they do not like the reaction of the courts or police who become abusive and vindictive and want to 'blame the victim". Maybe the person with the sex problem online is part of the court.

If you take a look at "Born To Be Miserable" you can see some of the other 'wonderful' things that occurred in my life thanks to Ohio corruption, where women are disrespected if they are not part of corruption or prostitution to begin with and never become this.

A crook came up with creating an on line development program that included a man who was detestable (Richard Lakin) and knew that he was hated for sexually harassing me at a place of employment. Crooks continue to do this to annoy me. In fact, I quit that job because of the man and the job was in a facility where they were 'supposed to' be packaging "Royal" brand gelatin and pudding (fine white powder) in Seville, Ohio. My grandfather, whose wife was later beaten up retired, and was not able to get his pension, but his last meals in the hospital thanks to getting ill consisted of "Gelatin Only" as some kind of sordid joke. For some reason, this became something to fixate on although the crooks claim that this was not a cocaine facility. If not, I think, why keep me stuck in this, like some kind of Mob victim? "Teamsters" have also been a consistent and longstanding 'problem' in my life.

I am not getting paid to 'fight corruption' in this state. I need to get into a real life and allow other people to deal with Ohio criminals, but in many cases, the people chosen are also part of the crime or cult in Ohio. I like being in a police role in which I have experience, but in Ohio crooks made certain to degrade police and rip off police funding.  Crooks in Columbus, Ohio are also not dealing with International Crime that was developed by selling intelligence/police id's to people from other countries - particularly African countries, who are here in Columbus, Ohio 'roosting'.

The above also appears on "Born To Be Miserable" located at


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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