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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"The Cottage Cheese Diet" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A cottage Cheese quiz:
Does this green bowl contain
2 cups, or 16 ounces of
large curd,
not reduced fat
cottage cheese?

An antique postcard about cottage cheese
as a meat substitute
 I started eating cottage cheese daily as a health remedy because I have never eaten many dairy products and was having 'bone aches' and occasional 'muscle aches'.
I thought that amybe adding cottage cheese to my diet would help to add the needed calcium, so I started eating a 16 ounce container daily along with
"whatever else" as a food
related cure.

Cottage Cheese fills me up and right out of the container, it is sealed and 'right from the factory'.  Cottage cheese is also somewhat bland, but a non- offensive, non irritating food, which is easily digested.

After eating cottage cheese for two months, I lost a little weight (not a remarkable amount) but the most amazing thing about it was that I recently got my menstral periods back.  My menstral periods ceased after I turned 50 years old.  I will be 54 in July.  This is not a spotty menstral period, but a reb blood full menstral period.  This is amazing to me, because I thought my childbearing years were over.  Imagine that - I have an adult son age 26 and now could have a small baby in addition to this. I don't think that this diet is FDA advised, but - this is what occurred in my life!  This type of information , though, could make cottage cheese prices rise, but also could help the agricultural industries. 

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