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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"White Squirrel, revisited, Thanks to Teamsters Gangsters and Their offspring", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber.

Hi!  I am The Eastern Fox squirrel as commonly seen in Ohio and other
nearby states.

"White Squirrel" used to be a campaign used to befuddle and confuse the enemy.  Victims were supposed to be terrorists from other countries, and White Squirrel used to be a military operation, where the victim was lied to, abused, told all kinds of things, and never given what they wanted. 

Instead of being in the age of competing and being able to win, crooks in Urban Development areas, led by
Teamsters Leaders, were able to do the same thing in the employment sector to get their relatives 'in', and ruin or waste people's lives not part of their 'club'.  

The same thing could exist in other areas where a clique of club get a foot in the door.  In these days of scarcity of employment opportunities and people who are well qualified, how else could thugs get their aw-poor-disadvantaged offspring in to further bungle and mismanage things?  

For some reason, I don't think this is a new program, just something that deserves being discussed. I have noticed many papers and articles being written about 'bullying' and the tactics used.  This old 'squirrelly program' is similar to the one squirrel I noticed on the front lawn of the library, surrounded by a flock of birds.  The squirrel wants to eat also, and wanted to drink from the fountain that  in the front of the library.  So do the birds, commonly wrens or sparrows,who can take flight.  The squirrel is one of a kind, furry, and has a large fluffy tail as opposed to the birds who are all alike, can fly away after eating, and are less apt to be destroyed by police than the squirrel who is 'bound by the ground' and 'has no wings'.  If the squirrel actually had employment as in the human sector, the squirrel would not mind this, but in many cases the squirrel is a human being who becomes bullied and is left behind out of spite to 'fend for itself".  This is a new look at an old street game.  

Is this a particularly insightful post?  Not really.  But this is the case once again as exhibited in other areas  for segregation and 'sticking with one's own kind - so as to not be the trapped and different 'squirrel'.  
The Beautiful animals sen in Buffalo New York with a meditation were

* A flock of gulls - white with grey wings and black wingtips
*  One Raven in the flock ( all sitting on a school, closed down for summer)
* One beautiful female balck cat with a shiny coat and bright green eyes
* three yellow orioles "on the fence"
*Many wrens including "little bird" (a wren friend who shows up always when I am sitting outside - sometimes followed by other birds, sometimes not).

                                                   Followed by THE GIFT OF PEACE


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