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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"A Dear Father Bauer Letter: The Indigo Drum Development Program versus Crime", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Here I sit alone an a bench, a bedraggled old homeless woman in need
of God, advocacy, and help.
Open Letter to Father John M. Bauer, St Mary’s Basilica – Minneapolis, MN

August 17, 2011

Dear Father Bauer,

Yesterday, John Drilling and I went to the Riffe Building here in Columbus, Ohio at someone’s advice to find out about Missing Money. This agency is on the 20th floor. The female clerk working the front desk (the one with pretty eyes and eye makeup who is white with straight hair) looked up my name on the computer on her desk. She said that there is no missing money under the name of Kimberly Koerber, but that there is on file a joint account under the names of Kimberly Bauer and Thomas Bauer. I did not know anyone named Thomas Bauer, but my prior married name was Kimberly Bauer. My ex-husband who died and was in Florida after leaving Wooster, Ohio was Jerry Bauer. I think this is another dirty political trick and think that these crooks found a way to keep harassing me and use my married name, because I reverted back to my maiden name (Koerber) after getting divorced. The thing is that Justin Jeremy Bauer, our son still exists. He said that he received no money when his dad died in Florida of Liver shutdown. This thing that they created has me stuck in this intelligence “voice” mode, which I have been for the last 17 years, and no one wants to hire me, based on corruption. The thing is that I was fingerprinted before becoming married, after becoming married, and again, after getting divorced thanks to job requirements at the time and these fingerprints should be on file with FBI and should still match me (because fingerprints never change) yet I am stuck in limbo. Crooks caused this out of spite. This is very frustrating, and I need someone to mediate this, because I have applied for thousands of jobs, and cannot get hired. My project called “The Indigo Drum” is what they wanted to shut down originally and replace with a program called sex with slaves, which used Las Vegas whores and generated money or revenue. My project is a 100 computer community development project. Which would utilize people who have been part of the intelligence system, instead of them bing removed and diagnosed as mentally ill so that they can be put on Social Security disability and continue to be drug junkies. The Indigo Drum was a victim of theft in Wooster, Ohio and someone then established a web site called “the Indigo Drum” which was inactive. Now, crooks are selling off parts of “The Indigo Drum” on e-Bay, because this information is listed on “the Indigo Drum’s” web site. The point is that the people who would have been used for this project in part are of two groups that crooks wanted to continue to victimize:

1. Older people who have been part of intelligence for years and who are now in their 40’s and 50’s and are generally not able to get hired because of age, and being ‘out of a traditional workplace’ for years, since people were involved in this intelligence project from their homes without working for any agency before.

2. Younger people, who are being used to cause the street problems and discord and run cocaine, crack, and other drugs as part of what the courts were forcing them to do. These people want ‘out of the life’ and are stuck too.

I can’t get another job, and crooks continue to cause trouble over this ‘development’ that they created. My prior name under which I worked most of my life was both really Koerber and Bauer. Crooks were not interested in me using my past experience to develop any agency or entity or to do anything else, but continue to rip people off with whores and embezzlement because this is so funny. Thomas Bauer must be an ass. Kimberly Bauer is probably either a string or prostitutes from “The Nevada Corporation” or is a string of illegals from some country or maybe more than one country. The thing is, crooks picked me and my name for this and will “NOT LET GO!”

I am in despair over this and do not know why I can’t have a continued life and career path because of crooks. This has gone on for 17 years now and I am just turned 53. I have no car, no friends, no prior connections, no home, and no job thanks to this. This is like another massive Ponzi Scheme that I filed complaint after complaint about here in Ohio to no avail. I think that you, Father Bauer, or some other person needs to be able to mediate this and maybe prosecute this on the behalf of the holy Catholic Church and/or Eddie Bauer Corporation. I am just a Social worker, not a prosecutor. I am now supposed to be some mentally ill woman with no money and I am staying at Faith Mission here in Columbus, Ohio for about two more weeks. Not to be a terrorist to people like Sarah Palin, I noticed that this woman is split into many people, keeps acquiring money, and is a political launch ‘named after’ an old landlord Jerry Bauer and I had in Wooster, Ohio when we were still married named Sarah Maucher. Ms. Maucher was married to a much older German man with a missing arm (a one armed bandit) and had a son close to our son Justin’s age, but owned a property that we rented on “Crabapple Court”. This is all true, not a play on words, although it could be.

Your assistance with this would be appreciated.

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