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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

Mike DeWine with a group of youth

After I was abused in Wooster, Ohio because of some sicko, the sicko continued to stalk me to other areas. After being on here for 17 years, I was not given a job which I earned and applied for but nuts continued to create federal shutdowns. My exhusband was also abused, as was our son. Instead of monies being put into Eddie Bauer, I think that sickos created "the Limited Companies" show, part of which is offensive and resorted to murder and grand theft to fund this sick campaign which was supposed to be funny and fun. In the past, New York State was helpful in regard to computer crime which then sprung into other types of crimes. I noticed that The State of Ohio has cyberbullying defined on a whitepaper mentioned later.

Whoever the pedopyle is, they keep attacking me and by proxy others, at a teenage age. This person is sick and is a regular guest on here, never giving their name. I am not the “moral majority”, but this abuse comes with financial loss, and I to date have not been able to do anything but suffer continued losses thanks to this joker. This racketeering is out of hand in other states. (Mutual reciprocity between Ohio and other states was needed long ago.) During the crisises encountered, Ohio was not interested in dealing with cybercrime. Maybe now they are, since the Federal government has been alerted to the fact that many of these offensive dingbats and racketeers come from Ohio to their state, when traced back through identity, and Ohio enabled this as part of the "Sick" or "thug show" online. Why should everyone else have to suffer because an adult cannot control their urges to act out verbally and in person? There is a time and place for everything, but being an active pedopyle is still illegal, as far as I know.


Kimberly :)!

P.S. - The Legal material that I am referring to appears on Ohio State Bar Foundation site.


I am currently homeless here and in other areas, and unemployed thanks to this not-so-funny joke perpetuated by The Limited Companies and other weirdos. Noone wants to hire me.  Crooks wanted me to go on disability as some kind of a nut after I have been on here for 17 years so that they can cause the disability like they did in other cases.  I need to be gainfully employed instead, and paid. Crooks never compensated me for the damage they caused to begin with.  Crooks also made it a joke that I got no divorce settlement, and took checks of people who were contributing to "the Indigo Drum", an agency I was interested in founding at the time in Wooster, Ohio.  The situation is still continuing.  I want my money.  Think a judgement needs to be made against the crooks to stop this.

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