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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sex With Slaves, Dirty Buffalo, NY, and black politicians

Darius G. Pridgen, pictured above, looks exactly like one of the men who was part of an Ohio hate crime gang called "sex With Slaves" described below.  If this was him, he had long braids at the time and was part of the "Ogletree Team" that came through Wooster, Ohio and other areas of Ohio.  He was thought at the time to be doing this to fund The
West Virginia casino known as Ogletree Downs with his cohorts in crime.
This Ogletree gang was also supposed to be involved in the occult and were known as witches and warlocks.
Below is Mr. Pridgen's id, from the City of Buffalo, Ny's site:
Darius G. Pridgen is a mentor, servant, community leader, organizer and now City of Buffalo Council Member, who also serves as the Senior Pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church.

Pridgen is known for speaking out for those who are often not heard. In 2007 Pridgen and the True Bethel Family combined efforts with the community and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in order to clean-up a hazardous toxic waste site across the street from the church, the cleanup of this effort was over 9.5 million dollars making the area safe for residential use. In 2010 Pridgen reached out to help restore a historic landmark of the Underground Railroad, Michigan Street Baptist Church. The loan of over a hundred thousand dollars assisted in the repairs of windows in order to preserve history.
He has received countless awards and appointments such as the 36th Annual Black Achievers Award, New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice and the " Do Something for Others Award, " exemplifying the teachings and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He serves as the New York State Overseer for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton. He was appointed through recommendation of Commissioner Denise O’Donnell, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, to serve on both state and federal Juvenile Justice Boards. The Tom Joyner radio show recognized him as one "The Hardest Working Pastors" in the country.
His education began in the Air Force and continued where he completed and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Buffalo State College along with obtaining his Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Medaille College.
He fully accepts his calling which is to "love" and "to change a generation" teaching people that excellence is a way of life. His greatest reward is watching the lives of people change because they have changed their mindset and are walking in their full potential.


I would like to know why one of the politicians who is a representative in one of Buffalo New York's districts is a whore from sex with slaves and was in Ohio causing all kinds of Racketeering damage.  Ohio had other problems and did not need this.  Then, the man came to New York State, ran for office, and won.  Hint:  this man is not the mayor and is black.  Sex With Slaves is a robbery based sex offender program.  These men were looking for women alone to 'date'.  The 'dating' consisted of sex only and then the men got rude and were a burglary cult to boot.  I filed numerous complaints about this and got nowhere.  The thugs are now here in Buffalo to gloat about this, huh?  They shut down and robbed Eddie Bauer Corporation also, as they were flooded with blacks and were shut down. The sad thing here is that now I have a dead ex-husband, Jerry L. Bauer, and our only son, Justin Bauer is in jail in Gastonia, NC with a couple of felony drug charges plus other things which had to do with Sex With Slaves also, distributing cocaine and robbing police in particular in Ohio to keep the thing going.  You were in Buffalo are extremely irresponsible to allow and condone this kind of thing.   I write a BlogSpot called "Born to Be Miserable" located at

P.S. - I have applied to hundreds of jobs and after being treated rudely like this I have not been able to get hired for "some reason".  Crooks from the same operation followed us to Louisville, Kentucky and took our luggage which was in storage at 733 E. Jefferson Street - a Baptist Shelter, and laughed.  No reparations were ever made.

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