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Friday, May 13, 2011

"What do Women want from men?" or "Why am I a Bitch?" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

From "the voice in the city" to God, myself, and whoever else cares...

Women in general do not ant men who are supposed to be dull, non romantic, or cheap.  No woman would pick a man like this, but many women get stuck with some kind of "arfing dog" type of man who talks about his cock size (boring) about some whore he took from a group of men (boring) or some old girlfriend who is supposed to then attack the woman (also boring).

Good personal hygiene is also needed.  No woman likes a thief, unless they are also a thief.  No woman likes a man who attracts fleabags - either male or female.  No woman likes to be abused by gangs of trashy people because his is a fun thing for the crooks to do.

Things like this are impetus to be involved, or reinvolved in a career path, or other things, to put space between the man and the woman, and to not have much to do with men like this.

I also was in an abusive marriage for a long time, where the man was not sexually active, was cheap and greedy and I had to pay for everything in the house, then got burglarized.  hahahahahaha

NOT FUNNY, because the man was elevated to management with less education and experience than I had, to boot.  For these reasons, and many more, I chose to not date anyone for a long time, and kept working on my own self, my life, and my career path.  I was never a fan of seedy people or alley trash or fleabag types of people to begin with, and I 'think' this is the same impetus that drives other women, who are not racketeers or sociopaths, to have and develop one's self, and love that self.

The National Organization of Women, and it's members, like I was at about the age of 17 can give many other reasons why non lesbians flock to the meetings, if offered, still, in the year 2011.  Upward mobility and having a network of people who are not fleabag types for the most part is one reason.  Getting into a higher pay scale and salary used to be another.  In addition to this, after the botton dropped out of the economy, and people lost homes, belongings, and became unfortunately intermingled with plain old trash as some kind of sordid joke, 'peer support', for women no longer in college or around the university community and no longer married became necessary. The Feminist Majority feels the same way.

At some point in time, those of us who lost perspective for this or that reason needed to take more than a couple of deep breaths, and become resettled, refortified, reenegrgized, and love the soul and body we ended up with including the scarred areas.  People of value are selective.  I was selective in the past, and need to be selective in the future, in all ways.  The Indigo Drum will be just as selective, and it will rise and become exactly what is it God ordained to be, despite obstacles crooks placed in the past to stop this Federal project that I know will have private donors.  The Indigo Drum is NOT a feminist project, but will include employees of all types "of a quality type".

The Malachi house, during the first presentation that I heard while at Weaver House as a resident put this in another way.  They called this the top nine of influence.  In brevity, this means that they for some reason picked nine people. who were influential in their lives as a pattern, and kept in touch with the nine friends, even if they moved clear across the country as cornerstones of life.  This is what they now advise others to do as part of treatment and to escape from dysfunctional people. places and things. and talked about in the Malachi House meeting, which was open to residents of Weaver house and others..

Question to think about?  What is a Fleabag? 

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