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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Open letter to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Elephant Making Noise 

I am currently staying at a public shelter, known as "Weaver House" , address being 305 West Lee Street. Greensboro, NC 27406. I have been there since 04/16/2011 and have few choices about staying in public shelters at this time. On the first day there, a woman who was already there, a woman with an all over body tattoo, and blonde hair started 'mouthing off' to create verbal conflict with me. This was reported. Then, the same woman created a hostile living situation by reporting to the Management of the facility, the face that 'someone' was involved in taking a shower early in the morning which woke up this stripper. Management named "Randy", a very large, tall black man...

has a 'reading of the rules' every night to the entire group after supper. The fact that a stripper, with inappropriate behavior was a complaintant about this was not mentioned, but the man said that at this point, because of the 'complaint' that we were not supposed to take showers in the morning anymore. I and my fiance, who stays in the men's area, have to get up early to walk to a local temporary agency in hopes of being sent out, because the agency requires this. The point is that I function better after having a shower. In addition to this, this stripper poses a public health threat because she came to the Weaver house with one man, is now involved on some level with a totally different man, and last night got into a woman's bed because she was too lazy to put the sheets on her own bed. This stripper poses a public health threat. This is the kind of person who transmits scabies and other sexually transmitted diseases, along with other insect friends. As I write this, Weaver House is doing some kind of cleaning there and yesterday and today, we the residents were instructed to put our belongings, including bedclothes, in provided plastic bags to facilitate this, so they are aware of the hazards in a public shelter, and seem to be responding accordingly, yet this abusive woman is attempting to position other people against me, which could pose a threat to my life, in addition to being a continued public health risk for many people. I generally am not one to find problems or engage in quarreling behaviour, but this same woman injected another woman last night who was a resident, at her request, which I noticed a woman on staff responded to right away. The woman injected is diabetic.
I am from Ohio, and we had all kinds of trouble in Ohio with trash like the person mentioned above causing trouble just like this.  Now it looks like the person may pose a public health risk because of her demonstrated behaviour.  If this woman is so easily disturbed by people showering in the morning, maybe she needs to be evaluated and placed on some type of medication to get to sleep at night.  I am tired of being harassed and hassled by 'important gansters' like this in a set up I can not do anything about.  Your attention and quick response to this matter is appreciated.
                                                                             Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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