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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stalking and Abuse and Needed Help from God and Others - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Sheep - like the ones pictured above are not a threat to
abusers whose perceived job is to intimidate and harass
people not willing to "follow them"
who are clear thinking.

At some point in time, I picked up a stalker.  The stalker is apparent in the intelligence - or auditory mode which some of us are a part of.  The stalker never wants me to forget that I was a victim.  The stalker insists on calling me various names, and was the reason that Federal Complaints were filed in part. 

Women in particular become victims like this,.  This person was extortion related to begin with, and could have been the reason I was robbed and became a victim.  The person, I think is a man, and will not give up.  This is a chronic problem for some of us - who are trying hard to have a life, then find that in varied environments, we are supposed to be re-victimized because of people like this.  I predict that the person will be found, and their "placement" will be in prison, probably not for the first time. 

The scam that went along with this is that in Ohio, where this problem started, people other than the crooks who heard crooks threatening them and were able to read this on a computer keyboard, were told things like "You are mentally ill hearing voices". because of a massive corruption cult.  Listening to Brandenburg concertos, ignoring the problem, and fighting back with the perpetrator did not seem to be valid solutions to the problem, because the problem is still at large, is more than likely some kind of rapist or other sex offender, and is on a power play kick when it comes to prior and/or past victims. 

A lot has been written in regard to this topic. 

The point is that at some point in time, everyone becomes a victim of people like this.  This person is now supposed to be my life - I think I am supposed to chase the person, harass the person back, and make the person';s life as miserable as it made mine to impress other crooks.  This is a waste of my time and my life.

I acknowledge that this person - the problem - is there.  Complaints have been filed because of this rat.  And the police and others now have to do their job in the apprehension of this slimeball - so the eternal cat and mouse game of the police and people with criminal profiles touched my life profoundly.

This was an experience I did not think I needed to have, but had anyhow.  The point is that all experiences, good and bad, add to the person's life and happen for a reason. 

LIFE  - Be In It!

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