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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Shopping for Mental Health Therapy and a Scam", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

All about another destructive trend

There is a current story on NPR about shopping for a psychotherapist to avoid lemons:
The story can also be heard.  I listened to this story carefully, but they forgot to add the information needed that has to do with a systemic change in the past two or three decades, coupled with insurance fraud.  The point is that rather that treat people who have mental health issues, the thing to do seems to be to give the person a diagnosis, then find a way to engage in fraud activity to "sell" the person's police or intelligence id to a crook in the United States.  If the person complains about things that occur to them, like cars being torched for instance, or hears voices, they are just nuts...hahahahah, say the crooks.  This is one part of a United States based intelligence program which defrauded many, many people and ripped off a lot of money that the federal Government and states did not have - dubbed as 'project hee-haw".

The thing is that crooks who engaged in ignorant behaviour and urban blight before were not as easy to find - until they got into the United States intelligence system.  There is no Federal hub Project in the works that I am aware of even now to counter this because hahahaha the police are all crazy also and there is no hahahaha money to pay DEA or The Justice Department particularly in affected, but ignored states like Ohio. 

Why did this type of 'disability' become a popular ray to racketeer people?
1.  During the course of a lifetime, virtually everyone at some point in time suffers from mental illness due to extraneous events occurring around them over which the victim has no control.
2.  Mental Illness is treated by using 'talk therapy' and at times expensive, addictive drugs.
3.  People in general have the need for a 'quick' or 'easy fix' as opposed to going through the process and
trying to overcome whatever obstacle caused the problem to begin with.
4.  Going on this kind of 'disability' is quick money, and is easy after the waiting period is over.
5.  Crooks are able to make all kinds of excuses for this - ranging from "this is part of 'POLITICS" to
"The Person can be talked into anything" to "We needed the money for something else" to "Fill in the blank ____________________"
6.  People on disability do not have to work.
7.  This was an excuse to rip off businesses and call it something else
8.  This is another part of Urban decay or Urban Decline
9.  The crooks were bored and broke and though they were so clever hahahahaha  
10. It would be interesting to see a research study about this done in the American Journal of Psychiatry.


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