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Friday, May 20, 2011

A 'Bristling" situation...."Should I throw barbs 'needles' now or later?"

A 'bristling" situation..."Should I throw barbed, poisoned needles now or later?"
 Friday May 20, 2011

Dear Yahoo! "Help" people online,


My email address is Recently when i tried to send out email, I got a block message saying that sending out messages from this email account has been temporarily suspended. I would like to know why. I am not in the porn business, and am not sending out any kind of illegal email - according to your policy, including spam. I want this email to be reconnected, and have no idea why Yahoo is playing games. Is this because you know I am from Ohio and am trapped in Greensboro, NC with no job and no money? The local police have been contacted. I do not think this situation is the least bit funny. Maybe this goes along with the long sharp knife with the long black handle that was on the desk at the I.R.C. today located at 407 E. Washington Street, where a known man from Ohio is working using an alias name.

Regards, ( hahahaha :/ )

Kimberly Koerber

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