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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"The I.R.C. - 400 E. Washington Street; Greensboro, NC" provides resources by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The new I.R.C. located at 400 E Washington Street, Greensboro, NC is a great place to get things done like, have lunch, apply for employment, socialize with other homeless people, read a book, get your clothes washed, and get Job Skills training.  The IRC was in a farther west side location before moving to where they currently are, and a blue school bus, which was part of the mission driven organization at the time, labeled "Last Chance Ministries" used to take people from Weaver House, 305 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC  27406 to this other location, which was a church, that resembled an elementary school, with a few classrooms and a small computer lab upstairs.  The back of the 'church/school is apartment housing and a Social Services agency that provides clothing, food, housing referrals from time to time, and is its own organization.  The I.R.C. part now branched off, and had volunteers painting the agency inside, two Saturdays ago, and has now been open for about two weeks.  The agency seems to be operating as a Social Services Catchment type of agency - without clients having to wait in line to see a Public Health / Psychiatric Nurse, see someone from Social Services, or use the phone.  So far, the place has some clients, who appear to go there on a regular basis.  The staff is somewhat aloof and it is hard to become a volunteer there, while still on the client list needing services. 

Someone donated all kinds of books to The IRC also, which they did not seem to have at their old location.  The I.R.C. also allows people to sleep in chairs there, rather than throwing people out for trespassing or loitering.  This seems to be a big problem here in Greensboro, for some reason, because it seems when taking a walk, every other building has "NO TRESPASSING" signs posted.  Homeless people really have no choice but to loiter in man cases, and if not in a public shelter with no home or job or schedule, become tired, and are often victimized by the "hee haw" crowd which consists of many types.  Whether the IRC will continue to be an agency that does the right thing for the people will be revealed as time goes on.  It was a great thing to be here in Greensboro, NC during the time that a new agency opened it's doors, although I did not volunteer to paint or participate in the opening party as a client of services here. 

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