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Monday, May 23, 2011

Open letter to Sharebuilder, aka "ING DIRECT", Seattle Washington. by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Knocking on the crypt door three times - Is anyone home? 
ING Direct
83 South King Street
Suite 700
Seattle, Washington, 98104

May 23, 2011


I am not happy with not being able to get on my Sharebuilder account. The problem has to do with theft and fraud issues. The sequence of events that brought this on follow.

1. I got on my Sharebuilder account here in Greensboro, NC from the public library, and changed my address from my Columbus, Ohio address to this address because this is where I am staying at this time (a public shelter):

Weaver House
305 West Lee Street
Greensboro, NC 27406

2. I also saw that there was a financial incentive of $100.00 for transferring money or annuities from one account to another so opened another account.

3. I also sent to Sharebuilder a check that my mother sent me last Christmas (dated 12-9-10) with instructions in regard to what to do with the check - this amount invested here, that amount invested there, and broker's fees subtracted from the check. The check was endorsed on the back and below the endorsement I wrote "To Sharebuilder".

4. I could not get on the account the next day, so called Sharebuilder at the number on their web site which is 1-800-747-2537. The man who was the customer service assistant put me on hold and transferred me to another man after hearing what the problem was.

5. The second man, who also did not identify himself by name) said that the zip code that they had listed was 22406 instead of the zip code I changed it to, which is 27406.

6. A known problem person, who was at the IRC computer Center, 407 E Washington Street, Greensboro, NC  27406 - (a Homeless Resource Center) that day, came in for the first time, was apparently trying to find employment, and was a problem at Weaver House for various reasons. She all of the sudden developed a deep 'Southern" drawl, which she did not have at Weaver House.

7. The zip code given to me on the phone by customer service correlates with South Carolina.

8. I complained about the account numbers missing from a black and white notebook that was locked up in my locker at Weaver House to a large tall black man named "Randy" who is part of Administration at Weaver House. He said "I am sorry that this happened, but I can't do anything about it".

9. I got the account numbers from Customer Service, but still was not able to get on my Sharebuilder accounts. I have two numbers:
             a. 000362636
             b. 0000258958

(At the time, I Thought that one account number or the other appears to be wrong, but they were written down exactly as given to me on the phone, because I would think both account numbers would have the same number of digits.)

10. I waited a few days, to see what occurred, and nothing did, so I filed a police report about the incident online with the Greensboro police.

11. The next day, I received in the mail a letter from Sharebuilder saying that they were not able to accept of invest the check because it is a third party check. The correspondence said that Sharebuilder accounts are supposed to be ten digits long, to confirm what i thought about the two account numbers given to me which
obviously are not the same number of digits.

12. The female that was this "hee haw" type left Weaver house but was causing trouble based on the fact that she was friends with "Randy" in administration, and because I was waking up early to take a shower so as to get to a per diem labor agency early in the morning (leaving Weaver House at about 5:00 - 5:15 am).
He made this a hee-haw issue and wanted to tell people that this is "illegal" and that people were not supposed to take morning showers, which caused me to file another complaint.

13. Informants said that "Tanya" was not really the woman's name, and that she is a suspect in another case - the case of a murdered black woman from Columbus, Ohio named Tanya Fraley, a former model and a Beacon Agency Foster parent when I met her. Ms Fraley is black. 'Hee Haw" with an all over body tattoo is white.

14. I do not know what Sharebuilder can do about this, but, I would like to have access to my account. I am stranded here in Greensboro, NC with no job, no car, and no where to go based on this type of thing occurring in Ohio. The crook ring operating there is similar.

Another case of Big Dog to Little this case this is that
 "AW - pretty little ass walkin' away"
case aka "Strippers Versus Everyone Else."

Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.

You can contact me either at Weaver House and leave a message at:
(336) 271-5959 ext 347
(206) 203-4349(a voice mail #)


Kimberly Koerber

Answer from Sharebuilder 05/23/2011:

From ShareBuilder Customer Service
Hi, Investor,
Thanks for sending us an e-mail. We hope you enjoy this automated message (details to follow).
We plan to investigate your questions and craft a response within 1-2 business days. Here’s your reference number: SB-90481806.
In the meantime, we kindly ask you to sit tight. We promise to reply to your question as soon as humanly possible.

Your friends at ShareBuilder

Next Response:

Hi Kimberly,

Sorry you are having problems both accessing your account and with possible fraud. We tried to reach you but weren't able to get a hold of you. Please call us as soon as possible so we can discuss this issue and help you take steps to protect your account and regain access.

You can reach us at 800-405-2981 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET, Monday - Friday. When you call please provide the reference number listed below.


Carrie Savonije

ShareBuilder Customer Service

Need additional help? You can reference this conversation with case# SB-90481806


Securities products are offered by ING DIRECT Investing, Inc., a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA/SIPC. ING DIRECT Investing, Inc., is a subsidiary of ING Bank, fsb.

Securities products are: Not FDIC insured • Not bank guaranteed • May lose value

ING DIRECT Investing, Inc.
83 S King St - Suite 700
Seattle, WA 98104


My next response May 25, 2011:

To Contact The US Futures Commodity Trading Commission to File a Complaint with them located at
(for the record - just in case talking with Sharebuilder again is futile).

To Be Continued....

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