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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"All About Bananas and Achievement", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Bananas come in all sizes and colors. Some are large and others are small and in small bunches. Bananas are known to be nutritious and to contain a lot of potassium and C vitamins. My black shopping bag that I carry around, which is my luggage, and which says “A Better Banana” on the side, is an example of competition that exists in all sectors. I noticed that “Live Strong” uses a banana in its advertising on the website where writers are needed. I think that overcoming obstacles in life and acquiring additional skills, in addition to meeting more people to become more diverse has made me into “The Better Banana”. Bananas also mix well with other fruits, but are great alone, great in deserts, and great as baby food, mashed up and frozen or thawed. “The Better Banana” is an example of evolution in this century as it applies to human development.

“The Better Banana” in regard to human beings in general is not a bad concept, but Fitness is needed to make the banana superb. In fact, the “Better Banana” would not fit into all environments at all, because perfection is as perfection as perceived. Muscle tone and strength adds to human physical fitness. There is always room for improvement in that area because if a person reaches the status of “Top Banana”, there is nothing to really look forward to, or strive for, in a world where we learned to continue to overcome obstacles to get better and better.

Creative, sensitive human resources people would see this as the truth – and would reward employees In many ways, but would still continue to remind them that “There is room for improvement”, which is ultimately in the individual’s best interest, although it might not seem so to the employee unless they thought this through logically.

To me the words “Live Strong”, like on my bracelet, mean: To realize achievement and the potential for failure at the same time.

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