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Thursday, April 21, 2011

About Women, Career Paths, Killings, and Whores: Modern Day Guerilla Warfare run in the US

A quaint 'villa' setting in Austria or Switzerland.

What little girl doesn't look at dolls and say:  "I would like to look like this doll when I grow up?"  Most, all, few, or none, do you think?  Generally - most little girls at one point or another want to be pretty, even if they were not born or "borne" that way.  But, not all can succeed.  The scary 'trend' that seems to have emerged lately which has gotten little press or media  reaction has to do with women, who were empowered through organizations like "The National Organization of Women" and "The Feminist Majority" and AAUW (The American Association of University Women) in the past not be able to find jobs in any sector these days, and then be robbed thanks to random acts of terrorism occurring in their cities, states, regions,and local areas. 

I did not mean to focus unnecessarily on the 'strip club' or 'sex industry' but to be honest, the women who pick occupations in these 'fields' or in illegal fields which have to do with medical racketeering these days truly do have a better chance of survival than more traditional women do even those who get involved in career melding techniques.  The reason has to do with added protection given by organized crime - generally men - whose job it is to protect these women. 

I looked up intentionally three different cases to list and compare and contrast which are relevant to killings, women, and fear.

Case 1:  The Matthew Hoffman case.

In quiet Mt Vernon, Ohio, home of Kenyon College, the only Episcopal College in Ohio, an eerie finding and series of events occurred.  From : "Matthew J. Hoffman Arrested In Missing Ohio Family Case", (By JoAnne Thomas)

Later, a follow up read:  "Matthew J. Hoffman, 30, has been arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping after 13 year old Sarah Maynard was found bound and gagged in his basement this morning, November 14, 2010."  The girl's two female family members, were later found and their bodies were supposedly in trash bags in a wooded area. 

Beyond Kenyon College being there in Mt Vernon, my ex-husband worked out in Mt. Vernon for a while at Cooper Energy, and I worked at the Department of Human Services for about two weeks in the same area years ago.  In this case, crooks were involved in playing Hee-Haw, a cia sadistic game where personal property or damage occurs but generally no deaths.  They took an old antique locomotive engine from Cooper Energy, transported it all the way to the Medina County area where it was supposed to be on display at the local fair, and then stupidly turned on or started the old engine, so that shrapnel ( or tiny metal pieces found as the result of an explosion) 'launched itself' into the skin of all kinds of onlookers. This was an example of a thing that cost money, wasted time, and caused damage in the lives of other people - in other words a funny stunt. 

Another point of relevance about Mt. Vernon, Ohio is that The Ohio Department of Youth Services, a juvenile detention facility for male youth, has not only a medical doctor there, to see the boys after they are released from that detention center and ascertain that they are healthy, but a psychiatrist/psychologist who is married to a nurse, who is also located in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  I know for a fact that that man was not working with the kids in deprogramming.  If so, the office I was supposed to have had, in a coworker position working with the boys, would have been painted, and repaired years before - instead of being untended to.  In this Hoffman case,  Hoffman said that this young female, seen on the news a an attractive blonde female, was supposed to be another version of actress/rock star Miley Sirus. This young female was a victim of sexual abuse they found, and male sperm was found - presumably Hoffman's. 



By the way - Jeffrey Daumer, a killer who dismembered victims and ate body parts is from Ohio.  As I recall bout this case years ago, the body parts were found where Daumer lived.  Cannibalism was then expanded in certain sectors, including 'strange meat' served and complained about in certain missions serving free meals in Ohio. 

Case 2 - An Ohio Bathtub Murder  by David Lohr - Crime Journalist  From:

              Case June 1, 2010
(June 1) -- "Ending a four-week trial that had captured national media attention, an Ohio jury today announced it was unable to reach a verdict in the case of Ryan Widmer, a 29-year-old man accused of drowning his wife in their bathtub nearly two years ago.
"We have decided that we cannot agree," the jurors told Warren County Common Pleas Judge Neal Bronson.
When the case first went to trial last year, Widmer was convicted of murder; however, that verdict was later thrown out after three of the jurors admitted to misconduct.
An Ohio jury announced Tuesday that it could not reach a verdict in Ryan Widmer's case. Widmer, here in court last month, is accused of killing his wife in August 2008.

Now prosecutors will have to decide if they want to try Widmer a third time.

The case began on the evening of Aug. 11, 2008, when Widmer called 911 and said he had found his wife, 24-year-old Sarah Widmer, lifeless in the bathtub at their Hamilton Township home. When paramedics arrived, they intubated Sarah and performed CPR but were unable to revive her.

When questioned by police, Widmer said he believed his wife's death was an accident and said it was not uncommon for her to fall asleep in the bathtub. Suspicions were raised, though, when paramedics told police the bathtub was dry when they arrived.

Three days later, authorities ruled Sarah's drowning a homicide, claiming evidence found at the scene contradicted Widmer's version of events. As a result, he was arrested and charged with murder.

Widmer was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, but the verdict was overturned when three jurors admitted to conducting their own experiments to see how long it would take for a tub to dry after bathing.

When the case went back to trial last month, Widmer's defense attorneys claimed the small-town police force -- which had not investigated a homicide in at least 10 years -- was not sufficiently well versed in murder investigations.

In an effort to show Sarah's death was accidental, defense attorney Hal Arenstein presented testimony from forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, who has testified in several high-profile cases, including the O.J. Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey cases. Spitz said he conducted a second autopsy on Sarah and determined that while the cause of death was drowning, the manner of death was "undeterminable."

In addition, several of Sarah's friends took the stand and related to the jury how she had been complaining of head and neck pain in the weeks leading up to her death. They also said she had suffered bouts of sleepiness, migraines and blurry vision.

In wrapping up the case for the defense, Arenstein said no one really knows what happened to Sarah Widmer.

"We have to deal with the frightening reality that people die, and we sometimes don't know why that happens," he said.

In arguing his case, Assistant Warren County Prosecutor Travis Vieux relied on testimony from Dr. James Moore, director of the electroencephalography lab at Ohio State University. Moore told the jury he had examined Sarah's medical records and found no evidence she was suffering from a medical condition or was a candidate for a seizure.

As further evidence of murder, the prosecution pointed to bruising on Sarah's body as indication of a struggle. (The defense claimed the injuries were caused by resuscitation efforts.)

Another key witness for the prosecution was Sarah's mother, Ruth Ann Steward, who testified that Widmer and her daughter had been bickering before their marriage and that Widmer kept too close an eye on Sarah's spending habits.

"We would be out shopping and as soon as she would buy something, he would call her on her cell phone and ask her why she bought it and did she really need it," Steward said.

Prosecutors were hoping Steward's testimony would help show motive in the case, as Hamilton Township Police Department's lead detective, Lt. Jeff Braley, previously testified he was unable to determine one.

During closing arguments, Vieux said the dry conditions around the drowning scene were likely a result of Widmer's delaying his 911 call so he could stage the scene.

The seven-woman and five-man jury began deliberating the case on May 26 and continued to do so until today, when they notified the judge they were at an impasse.

Following the hearing, none of the parties involved was able to discuss the ruling because of a gag order that remains in effect. However, Widmer did share his reaction as the jury left the courtroom.

I just want this to be over," Widmer said. "I'm disappointed. Obviously, I should be found not guilty."

Case 3: 


NOVEMBER 4, 1994; AUGUST 25, 1994

Victim - Sarah Rae Boehm
Age: 14 years old Hair: Blonde
Sex: Female Eyes: Blue
Height: approximately 5'5"-5'6" Race: White
Weight: approximately 110-120 pounds Complexion: N/A

Remarks: Sarah had a scraped knee from a bicycle wreck. She also had both ears pierced with one traditional hole in each ear.

Victim - Kathryn Menendez
Age: 17 years old Hair: Blonde
Sex: Female Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'2" Race: White
Weight: 144 pounds Complexion: N/A
Remarks: None

Sarah Rae Boehm, a fourteen-year-old female teen, was reported missing by her parents on July 14, 1994, to local law enforcement in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Several months later, on November 4, 1994, Sarah's remains were discovered in the "Berlin Reservoir," located within an Ohio state park, Portage County, Ohio. This rural community in Ohio was located approximately two hours away from the victim's home in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Kathryn Menendez, another female teen victim, went missing on August 21, 1994, and her nude body was found several days later on an oil road near the "Berlin Reservoir." Kathryn had been strangled to death. Both Sarah and Kathryn's bodies were located approximately 1/2 mile apart in the same Ohio state park. Seventeen-year-old Kathryn was from Portage County, Ohio.

Information is being sought in both cases. Specifically, how Boehm from Pennsylvania ended up murdered in Ohio and information regarding the murder of Menendez. Investigators believe the two cases may be related. The FBI from both Pennsylvania and Ohio have been working closely with local law enforcement from Portage County, Ohio, as well as Beaver County, Pennsylvania.


This last case invites input from the public.  The fact that the name Sarah appears here also, ans another Ohio murder victim has been outlined.  These people who run for undefined political office have t come up with money from somewhere.

This is why I am concerned about hearing lately that crooks are being dealt with too harshly like I heard today at the IRC meeting, here in Greensboro.  Offenders were being used as kids (juveniles) paid, and then had expunged records in Wooster, Ohio (Wayne County).  I think these people need to be deprogrammed and that ex-offenders having trouble getting jobs, and places to live, happens on purpose.  Why can;t they go through verified deprogramming after getting out of prison, to really pay their dues to society.


Something to think about......

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