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Friday, February 25, 2011

Open Letter to The Smith Family Foundation:

                 AND TO 

This unknown woman could be a 'mystery guest'
who says things like 'get thin' and
"I used to be fat"  The crooks seem to have three
purposes; 1.  to sell a cocaine drug,
2. to embezzle monies because the victim is 'fat'
3.  to insult the victim who has to listen to this.
Crooks in Ohio have done this for years and
refuse to resolve police problems, and have
shut down parts of the intelligence system by using this 'clever'
scheme.  Some of these people have high pitched voices.

I looked up your address on the Internet and saw that you are involved with resolving computer problems. I "think" there is an Ohio problem with the Microsoft connection. The thing is that I was abused in Wooster, Ohio and a crook wanted to take down my web site, rob me, and is still blocking the computer network. I was on the system for 10 years when this occurred.

This Ohio problem is local to here in Columbus, Ohio again.  I have never been successful in resolving, or finding a person or entity who can resolve said problem for good, and do not know if it is because of "payola' or for some other reason.  Columbus, Ohio and other areas had a problem with embezzlement and this 'frozen' Microsoft problem may have something to do with it. The crooks were engaged in hostile escheat activities in other ways before they got involved in computer crime.

I also had a hot mail account which someone they misused, and it was connected to a Pay Pal account which is also frozen. Today, as soon as a sat down at a library computer (another library unrelated to the one where the incident occurred) and got on the Internet thecrook 'mouthed off' (which can be read on a computer keyboard), and they froze the computer I was on, so I moved to another.  This was done internally by the crook and externally by me. 

This crook has a sexual orientation, and is ignorant to boot.  They seem to have "control and power related issues".  They could be any of the following:

1  Someone in jail
2. A plain-jane woman who works at the main library who gave me a hard time last Saturday and wanted me to be thrown off of the computer.
3.  A judge is Wooster, Ohio who was questionable and may be involved with warehousing and storing guns
4.  Other members of a group known as "the Branch Davidians", which they have told us online from time to time in the 'keyboard read' and auditory ways.
5.  A'biker' cult in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  There, they wanted to make Wisconsin a "right to carry" state.
6.  A  Ku Klux Klan group that considers themselves to be 'the police' and could be involved in using other people's names, because this is part of their gangland activity. 
7.  My ex-husband, Jerry L/ Bauer, who was in a created 'string' who acted the same way intermittently.
8.   Black Extremists

These people could be part of a continued problem in Ohio with Federal shutdowns, and could be dangerous.  I have filed many police complaints about computer crime and the issue still remains. Thanks for your assistance!

Another group who could be wearing 'crime shoes'
may be a Las Vegas prostituion cult that
was linked with Ohio's government and
has administration and legal support
in Wooster, Ohio and other areas.


The response to the above letter was the following and is why people give up.
If case people do not know, ATF is the agency that deals with people with guns, gang activity,and other acts of terrorism:

 RE: Activity in Ohio worth investigating

From: ATF E-Mail Tips View Contact

To: Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

This does not fall under ATF’s jurisdiction, please contact your local police department. Thank You

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