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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi. It must be Vickie Gottie knocking again - the woman behind Victoria's Secret in Columbus, Ohio talking with me.....

How does the American Nazi Party and or Crooks Act? Read on...



"Get thin!"

"Oh, no - not you again. What is your problem? I have a diversity id. I am tired of fighting with you. I think that by abusing me you are abusing all kinds of women and others. I contacted and entered the National Organization of Women's poster contest about you - you know - the "Love Your Body" contest? My poster had the outlines of three women with three body builds on it. The pint is that you are a bigot. I have no interest in buying your cocaine to "get thin." I have no money right now anyhow, because I am not employed. You are a chronic online pest. I made an FBI report because of you. Now my thoughts about you will be posted so that other people can read about you also - crooks who got into our intelligence system. Why was I robbed in Wooster, Ohio? Why were our canines killed? Why were my police and other checks includng police agent checks stolen and cashed? The FBI knows about this and about someone zeroing out my bank account in Wooster - aka giving me a negative balance. I did nothing to deserve any of this abuse. I think you are part of the same group that started ruining my life when I was a kid. You hit me with a car. Then you brought guerillas in to Ohio where my family and I moved when I was in the eight grade, and ruined the state of Ohio also in all ways - you made Ohio into a Racketeering and organized crime state. Then you tried to blame me for this - when your scag gang was doing things like this before I was born. You are under investigation big time, and I am not kidding. I wish to press charges to the fullest against you. Is this not clear? Ths is what i have told you many times, but for some reason you persist in this harassment in 'whisper mode" and think that I am joking. You are the barking dogs of Hades in my life, and I am prosecuting and sueing you for things I named and other things you did which have not been named - So Help Me God! "

"This is not me! You are a cunt, Kim.Police are not us. I am the mob. Bye."

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