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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What was I like in high school - also known as "pre-Ohio mob days" and pre marriage - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

“Hello, Susanna Vogt from Hamburg, West Germany.

I am glad to be your pen pal from the United States. My name is

Kimberly Koerber, and my nickname is Kim. I am glad to have found

your name as a correspondent from West Germany. I understand you

are a high school student also. I am in some high school honors

classes, work at a local grocery store here in Medina called “Buehler’s

Fresher Foods” after school, am the editor of my high school paper

“The Medinamite”, am on the the tennis team and am part of ski club,

chorus, other clubs and organizations and I take piano lessons.

I try really hard but am never “the best”. I have a “B”

average because I flunked out of “French I” since I had no time

to memorize verb conjugations. I exercise in my room every day

and am on the “Olympic Ski Team” diet from time to time which consists

of tea, canned spinach, 2 hard boiled eggs and one half to a grapefruit

a day but can’t seem to get my weight below 150 pounds. I am

5’8” tall and at 150 lbs am still too hefty according to the weight

charts. My boyfriend goes to Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland,

Ohio and is a son of one of my dad’s business customers. I see

him one day a week, but write to him also. My boyfriend jumped

a year and is supposed to graduate from high school at 16. He

will be in college when I am still in high school, and works for Gold

Circle Stores. My parents aren’t mean, but they are too busy

for me, and they like my sister better. She doesn’t have to

go to school or work and works out and runs instead or going to high

school every day because she wants to be a Gold Medal Olympics winner.

She is also a cheerleader and is friends with a small group of people

only. No matter what I do, I am never okay to myself, so on Sundays,I

am one of the acolytes at St. James Episcopal church here in Medina,

Ohio. I feel sad and depressed a lot but I am not sure why.

Because I feel sad, I go to my room and listen to music and write about

all kinds of things. Writing seems to help me feel better.

I would like to go to college and am thinking about Ohio University

in Athens, Ohio because they have a great school of Journalism there.

I would like to write for a living, but don’t know if I can.

It’s hard to imagine doing what I like, and what makes me feel better

and getting paid for it also. My sister Cheryl and I started taking

piano lessons together, but she dropped out. Now, because my dad

gets irritated over the piano being played at home, I practice at school

in the practice room during study halls. I also draw but am not

really “the best” there either. My last name is German.

My dad is in professional sales and is trying to open a graphic arts

company with a sales contact from Rubbermaid in Wooster, Ohio.

My mother does not work, is not happy, and I have no idea what she does

all day. My mother bleaches her hair blonde. We are NOT Jews. “

I know that you, Susanna

live in Hamburg, West Germany which sounds much more interesting than

my life here in the United States. I think that you are very intelligent.

I have noticed that from time to time your sentences are not composed

properly, but I could not think of writing to anyone in German or in

any other language. My best friend, Linda Penn, is in “German II”

now, and speaks German and English. She and you are much smarter

than I ever thought of being. I better go now, but hope to hear

from you soon.



P.S. – My mother said to ask you if “hamburgers”

were originated in “Hamburg, West Germany”. (ha-ha-ha)

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