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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Codependency and Crooks - Why does the Teamsters Organization 'suck'?

I am currently a victim of the same type of thing that many others in the intelligence system had to put up with - abuse and codependency issues.  The crooks in Wooster, Ohio were not picked by me ever, but got into heavy Teamsters abuse there.  I did not want to have to put up with this.  I met Mr. John Drilling at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter in Wooster, Ohio.  If not for being abused by a cult, I would have never been there, because I have always been highly motivated to succeed in life.

The point is that someone in the background has a codependency issue and is fixated on Mr. Drilling - the same Mr. Drilling who is now known as "Offshore Drilling" and said he is not interested in being 'ythe police'.  He seemed to be alright at first, but then had some kind of a relapse and started picking up whores/strippers in Louisville, Kentucky, while I was in the shelter.  Now, because of Christmas coming up and the man wanting to abuse me in some way again (in addition to him threatening me about having friends of any kind), he is on a hate related campaign whereas I am supposed to be employed when he knows I can't be.  I was set up for a political launch band was involved in this for ten years before they illegally evicted me in Wooster, Ohio. 

After Drilling relapsed with prostitutes in Louisville, Kentucky, when I stayed at the shelter, he decided that he did not want to be there with me on the front of back porch of the Episcopal Church with blacks and the church who were creating a social policy issue - which I somewhat detailed on this very blog spot.  After he relapsed, he started saying that he liked Sara Palin - the same woman who seems to be in "segments" or 'pieces'  with one daughter (who are different people) and is the same woman who was teaching her daughter Bristol to open fire and reload on a television 'short' to show what kind of values the woman is promoting in the youth areas.  I suspect that these crooks are tied into the sex industry, and the 'positioning' always had young woman fighting with teenage girls or people close to this age.  

T'would be nice to go to a Hollywood Premiere or have something of value to re all as 'special', but Mr Drilling does not have any money and has to work a lot of hours, as he says, and I can't get hired in Ohio, thanks to games being played.  This 'relationship' occurred after I was in the 'police' mode for 10 years, and was not interested in dating anyone, because of things like this occurring before.  I really just wanted be left alone, after the perpetrators decided that i was supposed to be homeless, penniless, mentally ill, and have no life but would have to pick one of them or live at the shelter with trash who was playing games so that their whores could be included in this massive "'Teamsters" game. 


Because crooks aborted my political launch, which I think was supposed to be either into Urban Development, or into Managment, and know that I have not been able to become hired thanks to what they did, I am supposed to be battered verbally by Drilling, called names by other Klan members in the intelligence mode, and called lazy.  Drilling also now does not want me to "go to the library daily" for some reason and is apparently caught up in some kind of a gig that involves underage whores again, or "prunellas" or 'protectors of organized crime activity, from Wooster, Ohio.  Drilling claims that he does not have a problem with theses people at all.  Crooks in the background seem to care about my living with Drilling, more than he does.,  Crooks wanted me to be helpless, hopeless, have no place to live, and be stuck.  Crooks are in our intelligence system too, and are generally not disciplined at all.  I would prefer to be in a more compatible circumstance than this, but this is what crooks want me to be fixated on.  This is another way to ruin my life, because I keep ignoring them.  I am more interested in other things than them to be honest.  Crooks though insist on menacing me and affecting my life when I ignore them. 

All of this is an example of "Teamsters" activity.  Teamsters is ineffectual in regard to representing people at places of employment, as they still are at UPS, although UPS employees have no choice about joining Teamsters, but they come up with all kinds of abuse like this for victims who are not them or who are 'just police agents' or 'just police'.  The 'high class political launches that teamsters came up had to do with selling people out in one way or another ALWAYS, not sometimes. 

I never wanted to be a victim of organized crime, but am in a "bourne i.d."  This means that I was born with the problem, and have had abuse problems all of my life because of crooks.  Because of 'testimony' against them,. I am supposed to now be mentally ill, and 'have always been mentally ill' according to the crooks.  This case has never been represented in court, and if it was in Ohio, the case would be so skewed that it would not really matter.  (When distributions are skewed, this means that scores within that distribution are piled up on one end [or tail] more than on the other.)

This is why I have tried to occupy myself with other things.  Crooks also got into this 'thin' cult, which has to do with another facet of organized crime.  I suspect that this is to perpetuate another aspect of the cult.  I would rather just say no to this group since they created nothing but damage in my life, but it looks like I 'have to' deal with people like this in order to be freed from them.  These crooks are always trying to create 'drug trigger' issues or codependency in addition to fear, if they can get away this.  I am also currently in a state "Development' role, but crooks want me not to be this either at this time.  I do not get paid a dime for this role.  At the age of 52, I realize that crooks trapped me, surrounded me, and made my life into something I did not want it to be forever. 

Observing from 'the planet Earth'.
Wooster police told me that they were not able to provide Federal protection, and would not investigate the disappearance of our son - Justin Jeremy Bauer - born on December 31, 2010.  This could have been a death and could be someone's 'policical launch money'.  I never sought out these pe9ole, or put myself in a position of being positioned against these 'dirty deeds' people - black or white.  This positioning originally occurred because I was an 11 year old kid, getting off of a city bus in Brentwood, Pa., after going to Confirmation classes at the Episcopal Church in Whitehall, Pa, and a group of drunken youth (probably some of whom are now in these 'political launches') hit me with a car while crossing the street.  My dad died as a result of these coots and they are still harassing me for some unknown reason.  This is what an incompatible relationship with a group of people looks like.  

The investigation of all of this had to be done, because no one else seemed to care but the people affected and the people affected in many cases were injured, or missing, which I fear happened to my son Justin. I would like to move to another state, but if this occurs, I suspect that crooks will stalk me to there.  What happened to fifth amendment rights - and being protected for testimony?  In Ohio, things went from bad to worse when people no longer had rights.  

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