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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Example of a Hazardous Gateway situation in a small "College Town" in Ohio

Organized Labor of the Past - prior to Teamsters - a "United States Labor Agency" becoming involved.

I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt - too much in certain cases, but I need to comment on the circumstance that existed in Wooster, Ohio and the Gateways that existed there along with too many questionable people and too much traffic through the area.  What is the 'gateway system?  Generally it has to do with nepotism and cronyism rather than employment based on qualifications and merit.  In addition to this, This Gateway area was fascist gateway area for the following abbreviated reasons:

Gateway                                                                                To What Area

Agricultural Technical Institute                                        The Main part of The OSU campus

Apple Creek State Institute                                               All of the other State of Ohio Agencies

Planted Mulberry tree at 1785 Akron Rd                        City of Columbus "Arborist" position
International Companies in Wooster, Ohio                        Frito Lay
                                                                                                  Morton Salt

College of Wooster                                                                  recruited International Students but
                                                                                                        shut down NPR in favor of
                                                                                                        a student run radio station with 
                                                                                                        short range

Wayne College                                                                        The University of Akron

In addition to this, there was a protected population thee at risk - The Amish.  There were undocumented German immigrants hiding.  And - there was a large group of Teamsters
there from industry.  Wayne County Ohio 'might' also be connected to another major industrial area - Wayne County Michigan where Detroit Michigan.  There was no Mayor of Wooster there for a long time - and the women who worked in the Mayor's office ran the Mayor's office.  Then an interim Mayor was assigned.  This ws supposed to all be a police hub project according to local government people there instead of what it ended up being.

Jobs "Burning up".
If 'booing me off of the stage did anything, it enabled the fascism which was already there at the time was was not being controlled so that the Ohio and National Economy went down hill.  The economy did not pick up even slightly until recently.  I ws not the mayor of the city, anyhow - just a police type stuck there and the mother of a This "Federal Hub Project" failed because crooks wanted to shut down the state and no one stopped them.  this is another state of Ohio problem that the state wanted to blame some victim for.  Is this a political launch hub?family/household, but someone thought that they needed to attack and burglarize me as some part of a sadomasochistic 'show' as part of the 'Development Plan' that someone came up with to take the state of Ohio down.

Maybe the many politicians who have come to Ohio to 'be friendly' seeking funding should also be audited, but this probably will not happen - because the word spread about this particular Gateway structure, including where it was and it was already a problem before 1995 when I moved there.

     Teamsters.     :(   Not my favorite group before or now, for facilitating a hostile takeover and take down of the Federal Government which ws already thee or other parts of the state so that 'everyone could have fascist funding without having to go to work.  I like Democracy Better.

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