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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Modern Day Lizzie Borden Story and Ohio development: No Right To Whine or Complain" by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

I am now supposed to be a Dead woman thanks to this addition to Ohio's insurance fraud cult
from Wooster, Ohio - whatever it started out being.\

“Lizzie Borden took and axe

And gave her mother forty whacks

And when she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one.”

The “Lizzie Borden” story:

They ruined my life!

An ugly white slut, from a white supremacist group was selected as some kind of ‘queen’ after crooks planted a mulberry tree by my front door, because the whore was part of a strip club in Columbus, Ohio rubbing her pussy on a pole on stage,  the woman was ugly with missing teeth, stringy, ng blonde hair, blue eyes, and did not take very good care of herself.  She came into aa meetings and started hitting on men.  She was very low class and anorexic with no breasts but considered herself t be a “Barbie doll”.  She also said she used her daughter amber’s name a stage name and was married in the past to Ernie.  She had a mother who was hired at Ohio State University in a teaching capacity as a result of this cult.  Teresa Ernie was another version of her from medina, Ohio and she was the girlfriend to my brother and his male friends all at the same time because they did not really date women there.  They all watched while the others had sex with Teresa Ernie.  “ThE scags” robbed my house and found my fourth grade swimming crown to put on the head of a whore as a ‘winner’ because they ruined the Eddie Bauer group and this was part of an organized crime ring.  This is exactly what the complaint was about.  Before this occurred, someone planted an unwanted mulberry tree by my front door, which I think they billed the city of Columbus for in an arborist position that they had.  In addition to this, an old girlfriend of my son’s, another Liz named Kramer, was part of a legal family from Wooster, Ohio.  Justin ended the relationship with her and she got mad so decided to take part in this by coming into my house and getting her pink fur coat and high heels.  This was after Justin and his dad jerry Bauer both left and left me up there in Wooster, Ohio with a coven and weirdoes.  We had everything in our house that we had and the state never offered to make reparations but I was in the police mode from 1995 until 2007 when this occurred.  They also killed baby bunnies in a nest in my spiritual garden on another occasion and on another occasion washed their hands in my birdbath, leaving bits of straw and blood mixed with the birdbath water there.  They burglarized the house, and a judge from there told me that either I had ot leave all of my belongings there and leave or I would be ‘placed; in federal prison because I worked the police role and should have left when my ex-husband and son left.  They left separately, my son with his friends, and my ex-husband with his brother and sister in law, carol Bauer and their son, Kenny the goon Bauer, and a young man who I never met before.  Then, they licked my abusive younger sister, Cherie, out of spite, who did none of the work for the thing ever and was never anything but a crook from crime.  This was Wooster, Ohio.  There was also another “Liz”, a mean ugly drug dealer from median, Ohio who was supposed to be recruited by the police for ‘some reason that was just as bad. 

The above occurred in Wooster, Ohio in about 2006-2007. The historic version occurred in Massachusetts, and the web site is

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