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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why Street Crime and murders occur - Case example - The "Muscle head case" by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"If my grandmother who gave me a diamond diamond tennis breaclet had not been beaten up by thugs,
to land in the hospital, this type of thing could have been competition. 
I don't even know if Musclehead plays a winning game of tennis.
It is the principle of the thing here again."
Young woman pictured above is not Musclehead, but a young woman in tennis posture.

"Musclehead" is a young female dressed in a police uniform. This young woman is supposed to be part of the police, in her 20's surrounded by men who are her father's age.

"Musclehead" was supposed to be 'pretending' to be someone else - a vulgar, gutter mouthed stripper/Harley biker babe in personality and tendency who worked in a local Columbus, Ohio strip club who was known as 'go-go Lizzie'. The young woman is abusive to older women, and wears a police uniform.

​​This casts a negative image on the police and is a 'show' that someone in Ohio concocted.

After these 'players' (a gang) leave an area if not commented on and reacted to, the victims in this experience more financial or material loss - never gain.

Is this young woman particularly attractive? No. But - 'the muscles in her face move when she talks'. She really should be used for investigations, if part of the police, but this is a 'model' and an example of what occurred in the textiles industry, because this would have been a "Limited Companies" model or a model for "Eddie Bauer" companies or a similar player in Columbus, Ohio. NPR also known as "National Public Radio" has lists of stories that relate to the 'death of the textile industry around the world - a major employer.  In addition, informants said that this young woman was brought here to Columbus as some kind of 'gag or joke and was part of a Las Vegas prostitution ring.

Masked theft in all ways, under the auspice of 'the police' No wonder police morale is down and in addition to this, Ohio lost Federal stimulus funding again for not following the Federal guidelines to have a DEA also known as The Drug Enforcement Agency of the United STates prescription drug buy back as scheduled on the 29th of October.

Then, the victims of this, who would have been Federal employees and have done the work for years in this area many in "Born id's" are supposed to be called 'mentally ill' or 'retarded' and degraded more. There is a very positive correlation between this type of thing being run and economic loss for individuals and other loss - like the Columbus City Center going under.

​In the "Musclehead" show, this young woman was supposed to be correlated with a bunch of old, white men who were supposed to be police out of uniform who did not do investigations either. "Musclehead's" 'post' or 'station'was in front of Kroger on E. Main Street in Bexley/Columbus. Another hostile gang was situated in front of a new Kroger store located on N. High Street in the Short North area.

People tend to know about things like this and are not happy. This is a professional crime ring. The point is that is cases like this where there is loss, degradation and abuse, 'gangland wars' occur because as in this case, the characters you see are only the tip of the iceberg. When murders occur, they occur for reason like this - people saying - "Hey - this has to stop somewhere." These people are supposed to be the police, also to give the police a bad image, If this was just slapstick comedy and no loss occurred it would be a different story. In this case also, after this 'entourage' appeared, I received a letter telling me that I was disqualified for police employment at an address where I never applied for police employment, which required taking a test. (Another loss).

Something to think about...

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