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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dr. Phil's "Homeless but not Toothless" Response

If the top of this mountain were broken off,
It would resemble a tooth I now have in my mouth that
"Needs Work".
I wonder if there people are for real. :)
 to:  drjaydds

Dear Homeless but Not Toothless Program c/o Dr. Jay Grossman and Associates:

Hello! I saw you on the DR. Phil show. You are offering a great service to many people by helping Ted Williams with the terrible dental problems that he had. The man was also here in Columbus, Ohio before someone decided to assist him on the Dr. Phil show, always at freeway on ramps holding up a badly printed cardboard and magic marker sign, and has been a known nuisance here for years. Holding up signs like this is not uncommon these days, due to maladministration of the state and massive embezzlement that went on here for years and in other neighboring states.

I noticed that you are located in Brentwood, California. Since a lot of this United States negative development seems to be wrapped around me, I need to tell you that I was hit by a cat, at the age of 11, and this occurred in Brentwood, Pennsylvania, not Brentwood, California. This may have occurred because the people who were involved in hitting kids with cars, (in my case after getting off of a city bus from confirmation classes at the Episcopal Church in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, a neighboring borough), were stopped, and then resumed their activities a a later date. My father died because of these crooks. Now, Ohio, an affected state, is known as the "Cali drug cartel" area. Part of being affected here involved people's teeth, for some reason. I have always had healthy teeth, and for some reason, this time lost all of the fillings from my teeth (every one!).

I became homeless thanks to crooks. The dental and medical care for those thrown into indigent poverty is poor, and in many cases teeth are supposed to be pulled, instead of filled, or root canals being done. This is a continued social problem in affected areas which has never fully been dealt with. In fact, at this time, need to have some work done on a broken tooth. Here in Columbus, Ohio, homeless people or people with no insurance are supposed to stand in long lines and hope or pray that the dentist is able to help us, and if not, find another provider, or come back on another day. Local Emergency Rooms do not do even emergency extractions, of people who have no medical insurance. Sometime the solution is to use street drugs or to let the tooth simply rot out of the mouth if the person can stand the pain. Hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                                          Warmest Regards,
                                                                                     Kimberly! :)

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