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Monday, December 20, 2010

More news about Ohio corruption:

The below letter was sent today to the Council on Women and Girls in Government Service via email:

Hello! I have been in this police voice mode for 15 years, and am a victim of crime and corruption due to the Administration of Ohio. They ruined my life! As opposed to putting me in an urban development role or police role or management role as they were supposed to with pay, they wanted to continue to trap me, with no salary, to continue to degrade the local economy, and call me a 'whore' and other names. This occurred during the Strickland administration, which is currently outgoing. Since I was a victim of fraud, I was not eligible for any other employment either. Crooks in Ohio continue to enable this fraud, and this is why I, who have been in the police for years, am interested in relocating to another state which is cleaner. This entrapment situation to enable terrorism and fraud never went to court in Ohio.


Kimberly! :)


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