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Monday, December 20, 2010

Crooks and Codependency : The "Hi Miss Kentucky" Story

Crooks want people to be codependent - to be afraid of them - and to continue to ruin a person's life - if possible. Crooks want me continue to be fixated on their abuse.  The predominant diagnosis given in regard to people like this would probably be something like  "Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder", with cojoint features like various addiction issues.  These personality traits are positively associated with criminal activity, and in Ohio, hate crime.  See link:

Crooks decided that my Social work degree was supposed to be used by them, because I wanted to get a law degree.  The point was to block me in, ignore any complaint I filed through the governmental system here in Columbus, Ohio, call me a whore, mentally ill, deny me Civil or Human Rights, and continue the abuse in an effort to attempt to bully me out of the intelligence mode that they knew I have been in for the last 15 years with out any appointment, or money.  Crooks were trying to enable and legalize sex with minors because again, some 'important person" probably with personality characteristics that could be similar to those described above, wanted this.  Oh well.  I graduated from Ohio State University in 1990 with a Social Work degree while married, so crooks 'wanted this' also to ruin my life.  Crooks could not ignore me easily, unless they chose to on purpose or this was part of massive corruption that swept the state.  Many, many others have written about this topic, and to me this is boring at this time.  I would rather focus my mental energies elsewhere.  I got 'stuck' with crooks out of spite. 

There is a man who cheerfully greets me, when I see him in this way:  "Hi Miss Kentucky!"  I look at this man, laugh, and have told him many times, that I was never Miss Kentucky, but still he persists with this.  The joke is that crooks did not want me to compete, win, or even place.  This has been apparent for years.  I was never in any beauty pageant, because of harassment by a Nazi cult, but - the cult then caused all kinds of Federal shutdowns, including the money for the police id that I was in being robbed also.  Crooks in "Wooster, rat hole" were actually selling police ids which have to do with shutting down the intelligence system.  Many people heard this in this auditory mode.  Crooks have caused nothing but pain and abuse in my and other peoples lives for many years thanks to hate group activity and hate crime taking off in states like Ohio with no stopper, like local agencies doing what they were supposed to. 

I still "could be' various things, if I am able to run away successfully and get adequate support from elsewhere.   We encountered people who were so desperate to leave Ohio after the last strike or Federal shutdown occurred that they walked to other states, taking many months so to do.

The development program that caused things like this works like this:  Crooks use an accountant or accountants to shelter police and other government income, to create a large "Whig" or a better lifestyle.  An example of a "Whig" that burned up a lot of money and did little good is The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  The website and the comcept are wonderful.  The event is held here in Columbus ohio, but The Columbus Dispatch keeps reporting that the event costs 2.2 million dollars but raises no money.  Participants are issued pink wigs or 'whigs'. The wigs look like clown wigs, and may be correlated with the quilt message that appears on a quilt in the basement of the Dorothy Day House with different female clown faces  that are sad.  This could correlate with the "Emmett Kelly concept" but for women - a sad clown.  The Emmett Kelly story and link are on my facebook page.  Emmett Kelly was a Barnum and Baily circus clown, who got involved in being a "witness" in crime - another siutaion involving crime and crooks.  Without adequate protection, we are all doomed to be 'sad clowns' - male and female.  Currently, NPR has a song of the day (today being December 20, 2010 entitled "The Death of a Clown".  I would rather not be a dead clown,. but would rather be happy, joyous and free and have a life. 

Narcistic personality diordered types are self serving, and should never go into public office.  Maybe the problem has to do with things like this causing a large imbalance and too many GOP types, or "elephants" as opposed to "The rest of us". 

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