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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The World Famous Mayo Clinic welcomes "Jackass Theatre"

Rochester Minnesota is running white Apartheid. This housing belongs to individuals and is then divided inside and has bedrooms (more than usual). Then, people who have no money or home for some reason are supposed to stay in this ‘free housing’ and are allegedly forced to participate in some kind of mob activity. In Rochester, Minnesota, they are in need of organs for the active human organ transplant cult there which is part of the Mayo Clinic and St. Mary’s hospital.

Owners of ‘slaves” are supposed to receive heavy Federal funding. In one case, an informant said that an ‘owner’ of one of the homes got $4,000.00 a month and is paid for all of the people in the house. These are not ‘treatment homes’ where the person is there temporarily. The slave-owners are supposed to provide one meal which is mandatory. Many of these homes are firetraps.

I was in Rochester, Minnesota with my fiancĂ© last summer. This be became part of “Jackass Theatre” because the man was fighting with me and wanted me to stay in this ‘free’ or ‘slavery’ housing, and I was not interested, which had apparent “strings attached”. This man has Apartheid computer friends. This white band who sings the song “Town Taxi” or “Township Taxi” includes a woman with long spiky eyelashes, three men on stage, and is supposed to be from South Africa. These are my fiancĂ©’s computer friends, he says.

I am still in this relationship, but it really does have its ‘ups and downs’.

The Gonda Building of the Mayo Clinic

While in Rochester, Minnesota, please don't forget to visit "The Dorothy Day House", the only public shelter besides the women's Domestic Violence Shelter there.  This 'landmark' has two lions on posts by the front door of the house and is located at 703 First Street, S.W., Rochester, Minnesota  55902 (507) 282-5172. 

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