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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LIVE STRONG!!!!! + "Wine Dreams"

Hello!  I am the wearer of a great new yellow rubber bracelet.  I acquired the bracelet because i was in the library in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, working on something or listening to NPR and saw it on the floor. ( My fiance John Drilling was around there too, but is very jealous of other men - so if this had been a 'gift' from a man, the man would have 'seem better days'.)

I am an adult who grew up but who was an abused child.  My mother who thought she was fooling all kinds of people because she was a 'lookin' good mom' who used to go into anger tirades and abuse me because I was the oldest child in the family.  Wire hangers, shoes and other things were available for this abuse before I was hit by a car in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before moving to Ohio in the eighth grade with my family of origin.  She never worked, but for some reason, I ruined her life according to her.  She was a 'fallen Catholic" and used to tell me that she had to get married because of me and that she almost bled to death because of me and that she could not have an abortion because she was Catholic, went to Catholic school, and her choices were limited.  etc. things that I had no control of.  As a result of abuse, I became an alcoholic but started going to A.A. meetings.  I have four years of sobriety this month (October) but have been around A.A. for twenty three years, going on twenty four years.  I have been sober most of that time, but four years ago, bought a large jug of wine which I wanted to drink. (Someone - maybe an angel -  'helped me' by going into my room and dumping out most of the wine.)

This bracelet that I acquired in La Crosse, Wisconsin was on the floor on the library, under where I was working at the time.   Someone then told me that LIVE STRONG! is a police theme in Wisconsin, (A Right- to-Carry-State).  Again, this 'ghost' or 'angel' came through for me.  Labor Ready in Wisconsin also has this theme on a poster, and has all kinds of photos of people underneath.

Wouldn't it be nice if LIVE STRONG! was a National police theme?

Something to think about on this d.o.l. (Day of the Lord). 



                                                           Kimberly :)   

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