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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"An email of Interest - Binary Code Decoded to Amass Wealth for everyone!" compiled by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Binary Decoded Advertisement  (Click on me)

This ad is being distributed via email and is a u-tube video that people may delete without looking at it.  These people may have something - if they can 'crack the computer system, it leads to riches around the world.  Another method for doing this is to download or write a computer 'leech' program that is written in the hunt and peck way to then attach itself to a phone bank and keep trying various phone numbers.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending upon your point of view) this program is free for download by anybody on the public Internet.  People do not need clearance or any special id to get these free programs and use them.  The law, including state and Federal law needs to be changed in regard to distributing destructive programs that have the potential or doing a great amount of harm to the general population financially.   

A representation of the Binary Code also taught in high schools as The "Base 10 System of Math"

What is Binary Code?

Binary code is a system of representing text or computer processing instructions with a series of digits, either "0" or "1".  Source:

It is also taught in hhigh schools and in college as the Base ten number system.  Knowing the Base ten system of math is the key to the kindgom when it comes to computers and a different method of counting.  Here is some relevant information about the base ten number system. Source:

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