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Thursday, February 23, 2012

"A Columbus, Ohio 'Glamourous' Black Swan Heroin Cartel" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerberr

I recently saw in "This Week Community Newspapers - The Bexley addition" a call for comments in regard to Trinity Lutheran Seminary which the Higher Learning Commission wanted.  The complaints really have to do with an affiliate, which is supposed to be managed by the Lutheran church, Lutheran Synod, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary known as Faith Mission.
Faith Mission is a public based low income shelter for people who are need based.  Thanks to being trapped in an organized crime ring and becoming a burglary and etc. victim, I am need based and so stayed there.  They are running some kind of a program, which is similar to "Black Swan" - the macabre ballet which involved women, death, black men on staff there, "Dearly Beloved" emails being generated by someone affiliated with them as part of a racketeering ring, and no response from the local Lutheran Church or Synod at all about.  The Emergency squad is there all of the time.  No one seems to be benefiting but the black men threw an object at me at one point in time (an appliance battery) and so a complaint was filed with local homeless liaison people.  There was no response.  Someone keeps putting things on Facebook to indicate that the Lutheran Church is very active there, but to my knowledge, Faith is not enabling employment from there, but have or had an employment operative type their names Shane in the Resource Center.  She I 'think' is supposed to place people at Shane's Gourmet Catering, but for some reason was not.  They have a 30 day limit for people staying there, and seem to not be interested in helping people who have to stay there find places to live or employment.  I attended Tech Bridge which was listed on the Resource Center Bulletin Board, but the program became embezzlement oriented and left the area.  (I don't know what kind of education this is supposed to be if the Lutheran Seminary planned and facilitated this - because it racketeers police types and then wants police types to be removed from the system as a fund raiser for some clod who is making money by selling out the US Intelligence System. 
I also had a necklace ripped off there which I obtained in Louisville, Kentucky as part of harassment.  It was ripped off from a suitcase that was in the grassy area since Faith would not me bring the suitcase inside even in the area near the resource center while I waited.  The necklace was a crystal hearts necklace and this is now supposed to be hilarious. I have been a constant victim of crime and when caught, the more creative people weave the thing into some kind of event or production like the above. 
Black Swan Eyeshadow:  I have seen
 "Black Swan Eyeshadow" put on eyes to look like a burglary mask, also.

Another Version of Black Swan Eyeshadow

In addition to above mentioned issues with the "Resource Center" at Faith Mission, if victims stay at faith like I had to several times and are need based, it is very difficult to even get to be in The Faith Mission Resource Center.  Staff says things like "You are here too early - come back later", or "You need a pass to go there and we already have enough people over there", or   "We have to call them from here before you go over there and the phone line is now busy".  Maybe these 'wonderful' experiences apply to me only, but I 'think' in the past, in fact I KNOW that white women who had to stay there filed complaints based on preferential treatment of blacks over whites aka racism.  I also 'think' that a mean pest, who comes on the police/intelligence internet at night works at Faith and is on staff there.  That person wants to 'remove me' from the intelligence network, they just told me this very morning so that they can get 'another member of their family' in.  They were online fighting with me about this just today and last night and thought that there was no one else listening.  I think this is also part of some kind of reality theater production of "Black Swan" the ballet but the racketeering/organized crime version. I think that a heroin cartel is tied into their activities at Faith Mission, also, and that a motorcycle cult is involved also in this.

Looks like a Teamsters Girlfriend made up to go out to party for the evening.
Looks like a Teamsters Officer again with his girlfriend to the left.

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